Why do we need another moral and spiritual outfit in the name of a “model village with Siddhar concepts”?


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Why do we need another moral and spiritual outfit in the name of a “model village with Siddhar concepts”?

To get the answer, we should start with aging.

With aging, frailty increases and man is afflicted by diseases. The functional units of our tissues gradually become impaired, and eventually we slip into the diseases and disabilities of aging.

This problem was discovered in the sixth decade of man’s life.

Since then, many researchers have devoted themselves to this subject, using increasingly powerful instruments to study the aging body – but no new types of age-related damage have been discovered; the same damage that occurred in the sixth decade of life is still occurring, only accelerating with time.

Our Tamil siddhars have clearly addressed this aging threat and offered solutions.

Also, the same social problems that people faced back then still exist, only with a different orientation.

So the solutions prescribed by the Tamil Siddhars are still relevant and, if followed diligently, will lead to solutions.

There are three kinds of people who live in this world. They are the 1.ordinary man, the 2.materialistic man and the 3.Siddhar.

Of the three persons, we would speak to an ordinary man, because we cannot speak to a materialistic man, since he strictly refuses to speak to us with his inflated ego, and we do not need to speak to Siddhars, since he is more evolved and already knows everything.

Hey! my dear Man !, the future of mankind will depend on your thoughts and deeds. But your tutors and masters do not tell you how you really think and what you really are. No one dares to confront you with the one truth that could make you the unswerving ruler of your destiny.

Basically, you are afraid of the thought that your self – the man you think you are – might one day be different from what you are now: free instead of closed, open instead of scheming, capable of love.

You are able to become Siddhar, and if you prefer, you can also become a materialistic man.

You differ from a Siddhar in only one respect: the Siddhar was once a very small man, but he developed an important quality: he recognized the smallness and limitedness of his thoughts and actions. Under the pressure of a task that meant a great deal to him, he learned to recognize how his smallness, his pettiness, threatened his happiness. In other words, a siddhar knows when and in what ways he is an ordinary man.

An ordinary man does not know that he is small and is afraid to know it. He hides his smallness and limitations behind the illusion of another’s strength and greatness. He admires an idea he did not have, not one he did have either. The less he understands something, the more firmly he believes in it. And the better he understands an idea, the less he believes in it.

The ordinary man does not want to hear the truth about himself. He does not want to acknowledge the great responsibility that has fallen to him, whether he likes it or not. He wants to continue to be a man or at maximum, chooses to become a materialistic man.

For which, he is able to accept help, but not to defend it.

At the same time, a materialistic man rises from the ordinary man to the rank of the new master and loses his greatness, which consisted in integrity, simplicity, courage and closeness to the realities of life.

The materialistic man tells you, Hey man! in many words that you and your life, your children and your family count for nothing, that you are a weak lackey to be treated as they see fit.

Materialistic man promise you not individual freedom but national freedom. They do not speak of self-respect, but tell you to respect the state. They do not promise you personal greatness, but national greatness

Since “individual freedom” and “individual greatness” mean nothing to you, while “national freedom” and “national interest” stimulate your vocal cords, the sound of these words makes you cheer.

Materialistic man, in order to conjure you, he draws on the concept of God, of which you have no clear idea.

That which they call “God” really exists, but not in the form they think and want you to believe.

God is the cosmic primal energy, the love in your body, your integrity, and your perception of nature within you and outside of you.

You and you and you alone are responsible for your life.

A person who wants to be religious in the best, authentic sense must not destroy his love life and mummify himself, his body and his soul.

Every person has his value and must want the world to be ruled by work and not by opinions about work.

Hey Man ! how sick are you and how dangerous are you in your sickness. It is your own mental disorder and not some higher power outside of you that is oppressing you – daily, hourly, even if there is no external compulsion. You would have overcome the bullies long ago if you were alive and well inside. In the past, your oppressors came from the upper strata; today they come from your own ranks. They are even smaller men than you. They must be very small indeed to know your misery from their own experience and to oppress you more efficiently and cruelly than ever because of this knowledge.

Hey Man ! you do not know that there are men and women who by nature are not able to oppress and exploit you, men and women who want you to be free, really and truly free.

You do not like such men and women because they are alien to your nature.

They are siddhars who live in secret in a corner of the world. They are simple and blunt, they value truth as much as you value trickery. They see through you, not with contempt, but with regret for the human condition; but your awareness of being seen through gives you a sense of danger.

Hey Man ! you do not realize their greatness until many other people tell you that they are great.

Hey Man ! you are afraid of materialistic man, their closeness to life and their love for life. His character, suffering, longing, anger and struggle for life are alien to you. Yet you blindly follow the materialist.

But the materialistic man loves you as he would love any other animal, as a living creature. He wants you to suffer as you have suffered for thousands of years. He wants you to talk nonsense as you have for thousands of years. He wants you to live like a workhorse, because he loves his own life and wants it to be free from suffering and humiliation. For that, the materialist needs you and the crew of ordinary people like you.

On the other hand, the siddhars extend their helping hand to you to save you. But you make the siddhars despise you, hide in sorrow for you and your littleness, shun you and, worst of all, pity you.

When you, Hey Man ! label a siddhar as a criminal, or at least a would-be criminal, or a madman, because a siddhar does not, like you, see the goal of life in wealth, in socially appropriate marriage or in a political career or in academic honors.

So because he is different from you, you call him a “genius” or “crank.” For his part, he is quite willing to admit that he is not a genius, but only a living being. You call him antisocial because he prefers to be alone with his thoughts rather than listen to the meaningless chatter at your social events. You say he is crazy because he spends his money on researching human development instead of investing it in stocks like you do. You dare, Hey Man ! in your abysmal degeneracy, to call a simple, straightforward man “abnormal.” You measure him against yourself and your petty standards of normality and find him inadequate. You do not see, Hey Man ! you refuse to recognize that you are driving this man, who loves you and only wants to help you, out of social life because you have made it intolerable for yourself.

A siddhar is cautious in his thinking, but once he commits himself to an idea, he thinks far ahead. And you, Hey Man ! treat him like an outcast when his idea turns out to be solid and long-lasting and yours a ridiculous hash in the pan. By making him an outcast, you sow the terrible seeds of loneliness in him.

Not the seed that will produce great deeds, but the seed of fear of being misunderstood and abused by you.

Because you are “the people”, “the public opinion”, “the social conscience”..

Have you, Hey Man ! ever thought of the enormous responsibility that comes with that?

You never ask yourself whether your thinking is right or wrong. You wonder what your neighbor will say about it, or if it will cost you money if you do right. That is what you are asking yourself, Hey Man !; that and nothing else!

Hey Man ! another conjuring word, at the mere hearing of which you’re get flabbergasted is ‘sex’.

But you pretend that “sex is a petty-aberration,” you used to say, “Everything depends on economic factors.”

Hey Man ! And even with your “economic factors” you achieve nothing.

The Siddhars have tried all their lives to teach you that if you want something out of life, you must improve the economy; that a civilization cannot be built by starving people, but requires the development of all spheres of life; that you must rid your society of all tyranny. The true siddhars have made only two mistakes in their efforts to enlighten you. They’ve believed that you’re capable of freedom and that you’re capable of defending your freedom once you’ve attained it. But this didn’t happen. In this way, you’re consuming your happiness. You’ve never enjoyed your happiness in full freedom, Hey Man ! That’s why you consume it, that’s why you don’t take responsibility for preserving your happiness. You’ve not learned to nurture your happiness with loving care, as a gardener takes care of his flowers and a farmer takes care of his rice. Great scientists, poets and philosophers have stayed away from you because in your society it’s easy to consume happiness but difficult to cultivate it, and people have been eager to cultivate their happiness.

Happiness wants to be worked for and earned. But you, Hey Man ! only want to consume happiness. It runs away because it doesn’t want to be consumed by you.

There’s nothing wrong with earning money through good, honest work. But it’s wrong not to give anything back to the source, not to cultivate it, but only to exploit it, only to enrich yourself from it. And that’s exactly what you’re doing. You do nothing to develop society in the right direction. You take it over mechanically, ruthlessly, greedily and stupidly.

You can only eat and take, you’re incapable of creating or giving, because your basic physical attitude is one of restraint and defiant distrust; you panic when the original impulse to love and give stirs within you. That’s why you’re afraid of giving. And your way of taking basically means only one thing: you’ve to stuff yourself with money, food, happiness and knowledge because you feel empty, starved and unhappy, without true knowledge and without the desire for knowledge.

That’s why you try so hard to avoid the truth. The truth could awaken a love reflex. It might, indeed it would, show you something, even if inadequately. And that, Hey Man ! isn’t what you want. You just want to be a consumer and a patriot.

You’re for “religious tolerance” You demand the freedom to love your religion, whatever that may be. So far, so good. But you want more than that: you want everyone to follow your religion. You’re tolerant of your religion, but not of another.

And it makes you angry that someone doesn’t worship a personal God but worships nature, that he should love nature and try to understand it.

You get angry when you see lovers who love their way without any discrimination. Not only that, when a married couple finds that they can no longer live together, you want one to take the other to court and accuse him of immorality or brutality.

You refuse to allow an amicable life or a simple divorce. You’re afraid of your own lechery.

You want to see the truth in a mirror where you cannot see it and it cannot see you. Your chauvinism, man, comes from your physical rigidity.

You long for love; you love your work and live from it, and your work lives from the knowledge of others.

Love, work and knowledge know no motherlands, no customs barriers, no uniforms. But you want to be a little patriot because you’re afraid of true love, afraid of taking responsibility for your own work, and mortally afraid of knowledge. That’s why you can only scoop up the love, work and knowledge of others and never create anything.

You worship the genius who gave you the knowledge to live materially. You want your “geniuses” and you’re willing to honor them. But you want nice geniuses, well-mannered, moderate geniuses who don’t mess around, not the untamed kind who break all barriers and boundaries. You want limited, trimmed and pruned genius that you can parade through the streets of your cities without embarrassment.

That’s why you steal your happiness like a thief in the night; that’s why you turn green with envy at the sight of true happiness.

In spite of everything, even if you hurt him any number of times, even if you inflict wounds that can never heal, even if you forget for a moment what you have done after your small misdeed, the Siddhar suffers in your place for your misdeeds, not because they are great, but because they are small. He tries to understand what makes you throw mud at the man or woman you disappointed, torture a child because a malicious neighbor takes a dislike to it, betray your friends, make fun of them but get all you can out of them, and tremble under the lash.

Siddhar understands what makes you take what is given to you, give what is asked of you, but never give freely and lovingly; what makes you kick those who are down or on the way down, lie instead of telling the truth, and pursue not the lie but the truth.

You are unable to respect your friend. You can not bring yourself to believe that someone you have sat at the table with or shared a house with is capable of great accomplishments. This is the reason why many men were loners.

It’s hard to think in your company, Hey Man ! One can only think about you or in your favor, not with you, because you nip all great, generous ideas in the bud. You have lost all sense of the best that is in you. You have nipped it in the bud. And when you find something valuable in others, in your children, your wife, your husband, your father or your mother, you kill it. Hey Man ! you are small and you want to stay small.

You plead for happiness in life, but security means more to you, even if it costs you your backbone or ruins your life, your whole life. Since you have never learned to seize happiness, enjoy it and keep it, you lack the courage of integrity.

Do you know, Hey Man ! what kind of person you are?

You hear advertisements on the radio, ads for laxatives, toothpaste, shoe polish, deodorants, and so on. But you are not aware of the abysmal stupidity, the vile bad taste of the siren sounds trying to reach your ear.

Listen to your commercials for a better bowel movement and learn who and what you are. Every single one of your small misdeeds sheds light on the wretchedness of human life.

Each of your insignificant actions diminishes the hope that your lot will improve even a little. This is a cause for sorrow, Hey Man ! for deep, heartbreaking sorrow. To dispel that grief, you make silly little jokes. So that’s what you call your sense of humor.

You hear a joke about yourself and you laugh along. You do not laugh because you appreciate humor at your own expense. You laugh at the ordinary man without realizing that you are laughing at yourself, that the joke is aimed at you. And all the millions of men do not realize that the joke is at their expense. Why have they laughed so heartily, so openly, and so viciously at you over the centuries? Have you ever noticed how ridiculous the common people are portrayed in movies and jokes?

You could have become master of your existence long ago, if your thinking was aligned to the truth.

You are and will always be an immigrant and an emigrant. You came into this world purely by chance and will leave it again without much fuss. You scream because you are afraid, mortally afraid. You feel your body becoming stiff and gradually drying up. It is not about individual therapy, but about the prevention of mental disorders.

You have built your house, your life, your culture, your civilization, your science and technology, your love and your methods of raising children on sand. You do not know, you do not want to know, and when a great man tells you, you kill him or ignore him. In your fear, you come and ask questions, always the same ones:

“My child is vicious and cruel, constipated and pale; he smashes everything he can get his hands on and screams in terror at night; he is backward in school. What do you want me to do? Help me!”

Or: “My wife is frigid, she does not give me love. She torments me, has hysterical screaming fits, and hangs around with a dozen other men. What do you think I should do? Help me!”

Or, “We won the last war, the war that was supposed to end all wars. And now an even more terrible war has broken out. Help me! What should I do?”

Or: “The civilization I was so proud of is collapsing under the weight of the invasion of people from other countries. Millions of our own people are starving, murdering and stealing. They have given up hope. Help! Tell me what to do!”

“What do you want me to do? ” or “What should we do?” That has been your eternal question through the centuries.

It is the fate of great achievements that have come from a way of life that places truth above safety to be devoured by you.

For centuries, great, brave, lonely men have told you what to do. Again and again you have corrupted, diminished and destroyed their teachings; again and again you have allowed yourselves to be caught by weak points and have made not the great truth but a triple error your guiding principle.

You have done all this and built your house on sand because you are afraid or unable to feel the life force within you, because you stifle and kill the love in your child before it is even born; because you cannot bear any free, living, natural movement or expression.

You are afraid to think, Hey Man !, because thoughts are accompanied by intense physical sensations and you are afraid of your body. Many Siddhars have called out to you: Return to your origins! Listen to your inner voice, respond to your true feelings. They say, “Cherish love and respect it!” But you are deaf, you have lost all feeling for such words. You fall into vast deserts, Hey Man ! and the lonely heralds perish in your desolate wilderness.

You had the choice to ascend to the heights of the siddhars.

You had a choice between shock therapy and understanding mental illness. You chose shock therapy because you were afraid to realize the extent of your own wretchedness. You wanted to continue to be blind where only wide-open, sharp-sighted eyes could help.

Each of your petty and mean actions shed light on the boundless misery of the human animal.

“Why so tragic?” you ask.

“Do you know who is responsible for all my evil?”

By making such statements, you are condemning yourself. The man in a million, would not take even a fraction of your responsibility, the world would be a very different place.

Your great friends would not perish. But they are sinking because they are crushed by your smallness.

“Build your house on granite. By granite is meant your nature that you torture to death, the love in your child’s body, your wife’s dream of love, your own dream of life when you were sixteen. Exchange your illusions for a little truth. Throw out the materialistic politicians and diplomats!

Take your destiny into your own hands and build your life on rocks. Forgive your neighbor and look inside yourself!

Your neighbor will also be grateful. Tell your fellow workers around the world that you no longer want to work for death, but only for life. Instead of squatting at executions and shouting Jey! Jey! Jey! shouting, make a law to protect human life and its blemishes. Such a law will be part of the granite foundation on which your house rests. Protect the love of your little children from the assaults of lascivious, frustrated men and women

Don’t try to surpass your exploiter in exploitation when you’ve the chance to become a boss.

Associate with your peers in all countries; they’re like you, for better or worse. Let your child grow up the way nature (or ‘God’) intended. Don’t try to improve on nature. Learn to understand it and protect it.

And above all, think clearly and trust the quiet inner voice that tells you what to do. You hold your life in your hands, don’t trust it to anyone, especially not your chosen materialistic leaders. BE YOURSELF! Many great men have told you that.”

What you’re really building day by day and hour by hour is your own misery; that you don’t understand your children, that you break their backs before they can stand bravely upright; that you steal love; that you’re greedy for money and power; that you keep a dog because you’re determined to be someone’s “master”

Over the centuries you’ll repeat your mistakes until you and your kind die a mass death, victims of general social misery, until the horror of your existence awakens in you a first faint spark of self-knowledge. Then, very gradually, cautiously groping, you’ll learn to seek and find your friend, the man of love, work and knowledge. Then you’ll learn to understand, respect and honor him. Then you’ll realize that a library is more important to your life than online rummy, that a contemplative walk in the woods is better than a parade, that healing is better than killing, that self-confidence is better than confidence in the nation, and that quietly spoken humility is better than shouting patriotically or otherwise.

People believe that the end justifies the means, no matter how heinous. No! The end is the means by which you achieve it.

Today’s step is tomorrow’s life. Great goals cannot be achieved by base means. With all your social upheavals. The meanness and inhumanity of the means makes you mean and inhuman and makes the goal unattainable.

The way you think every hour, the way you embrace your life partner and love your child, that’s your attitude of social responsibility for your work and your determination not to become like the life destroyers you hate so much.

There are certain things you just don’t do. When you enjoy hospitality, don’t steal silver spoons, the host’s wife or his buffet!

Exploitation, contempt for people and ingratitude existed even a hundred years ago. But back then there was also respect for great achievements, there was loyalty and gratitude to the giver of great achievements.

The exploitation of your labor is more acute than it was a hundred years ago, the disregard for your life is more brutal, and certain rights that used to be recognized have completely disappeared.

What you wanted to destroy is thriving more than ever, and what you should have preserved and protected like your own life, you’ve destroyed.

You see everything upside down and believe that by doing so you’re entering the land of freedom. You’ll wake up from your nightmare to find yourself lying helpless on the ground because you steal from the giver and give to the thief. You confuse the right to free speech and criticism with the right to shoot your mouth off and make stupid jokes. You want to criticize but not be criticized, and the result is that you’re torn to pieces. You want to attack without exposing yourself to attack.

Your soul is a function of your life energy, in other words, body and soul are one.

Your life energy expands when you feel happy and loved, and contracts when you suffer from anxiety.

This life energy also exists in the atmosphere outside your body.

You’ve to sworn to the Almighty that …
“I thank my destiny that I was able to live my life free from dirt and greed, that I was able to watch my children grow up and witness them begin to babble, grab things, walk, play, ask questions, laugh, and love. That in all my “freedom and purity” I could preserve my sense of spring and its gentle breezes, of the gurgle of the brook flowing past my house and the song of the birds in the forest; that I didn’t participate in the gossip of malicious neighbors; that I was happy in the embrace of my wife or husband and felt the current of life in my body; that I didn’t lose my bearings in troubled times and that my life had meaning and continuity.”

Finally, let us keep the words of “The man in the arena” … as:
“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

Live a good, happy life. Do your heart’s bidding, even when it leads you on paths that timid souls would avoid. Even when life is a torment, don’t let it harden you.’


Now is the time to revive the Siddhars’ way of life.

For it is the updated version of the orthodox morals and ethics in modern times.

Something extraordinary has happened. Everything is changing and most of us are aware of it.

Why is the world changing?

There is a paradigm shift in the way people think about the world.

The reason is …

  • The awareness of the decline of excessive consumerism.
  • People began to learn about healthy and organic food.
  • began to logically analyze the Internet, its use and its gray pages
  • Failure of the prevailing employment model and the need to invent a new one
  • Change of the traditional model of entrepreneurship
  • The rise of universal collaboration.
  • changing trends in school education.
  • Rise of the spiritual awakening


For too long we have been manipulated into consuming as much as we can and buying every new product that comes on the market – the latest car, the latest iPhone, the top brands, lots of clothes, shoes, any amount of pretty much anything we can get our hands on.

Against the masses, we have realized that this is completely wrong

Low consumption, slow life and slow food are just a few of the actions that highlight the contradiction of how absurdly organized we have become.

Fewer and fewer people are using cars. Fewer and fewer people spend too much money

And more and more people are trading clothes, buying used goods, sharing assets, cars, homes, offices. We do not need all the things we have been told we need. And this awareness of the new consumerism can bring down the mentality that lives at its over-extended end.


We were so crazy that we even accepted to eat anything! It just had to taste good, then everything was fine. We were so loopy that companies started practically poisoning our food, and we said nothing!

But then we woke up and enabled and empowered healthy and organic food.

That’s only going to get stronger.

But what does that have to do with economics and labor?

Food production is one of the foundations of our society. When our mindset, diet and consumption habits change, companies have to react and adapt to a new market.

The small farmer is becoming an important part of the whole production chain again. People are even growing plants and seeds in their homes.

And that is, in fact, changing the entire economy.


The Internet is an incredibly spectacular thing, and we understand its power. With the Internet, the world opens up, barriers fall, separation ends, togetherness begins, collaboration explodes, help emerges.

We are beginning to make better use of this amazing tool. The Internet is bringing down crowd control. The big media corporations that control the news in the way that suits them best and the way they want us to read it are no longer the sole owners of the information. You take what you want. You make connections with whomever you want. You explore whatever you want

With the advent of the Internet, little ones are no longer voiceless. They have a voice. The anonymous are getting noticed. The world is moving closer together


We are reaching our human limits

People who work in large companies can no longer stand their jobs

Insignificance knocks on your door as if it comes from within you like a cry of desperation. People want out. They want to quit everything. Look at how many people are willing to risk entrepreneurship, people taking sabbaticals, people with work-related depression, people with burnout.


With the explosion of startups, thousands of entrepreneurs have turned their garages into offices to bring their breakthrough ideas to life. The vortex of entrepreneurship was finding an investor and getting funded – getting funding was like winning the World Cup.

But what happens after you get the funding?

You become an employee again. You may have hired people who do not share your dream, who do not agree with your goal, and soon it’s all about the money. The financial goal becomes the main driver of your business.

As a result, people suffer. Excellent startups have stumbled because the money model is endless.

We need a new way of striving.


It does not make sense to work alone. Wake up from the crazy “every man for himself” mentality. Stop, take a step back and think. Is not it absurd that we have become more and more distant from each other? What sense does it make to turn your back on the tens of thousands of people living around you in the same city?

Fortunately, things are changing. Concepts of sharing and the collaborative economy are being implemented, and that points in a new direction. The direction of collaboration, sharing, helping, togetherness.


Who developed this teaching model?

Who selected the courses you must attend?

Who chose the lessons we learn in history class?

Why have we not been taught the truth about ancient civilizations?

Why should children follow certain rules?

Why should they observe everything silently?

Why should they wear a uniform?

How about a test to prove what they have actually learned?

The developed model that perpetuates and reproduces the followers of the system that breeds people into ordinary people.

Fortunately, many people are working to rethink this – with concepts like unschooling, hack schooling, and homeschooling.


For too long, spirituality has been something for esotericists – for those weird and mystical people. But fortunately, that’s changing, too.

We have come to the edge of reason and rationality. We are able to realize that with our consciousness alone, we can not figure out everything that’s going on. There is something else going on, and everyone wants to get a handle on that, too.

We want to understand how these things work – how life works, what happens after death, what this energy thing is that’s talked about so much, what quantum physics is, how thoughts can materialize and create our sense of reality, what coincidence and synchronicity are, why meditation works, how it’s possible to cure some diseases with our bare hands, how these alternative therapies that are not always recognized by mainstream medicine can actually work sometimes.

Companies offer meditation to their employees. Even schools teach young people how to meditate

We may never have thought about it before, and you may even be shocked. But it is taking place.

Quietly, people are waking up to how crazy it is to live in this society.

Look at all these new actions and try to think everything we have been taught so far is normal.

Something extraordinary is happening. It is wellspring for reviving and following the Siddhar way of life.