Seppadu Viddhai - Seer Mevum Nunmozhi

The title of the book is SEPPADU VIDDHAI, and in the Tamil language it means “CONJURING TRICKS”

Seppadu Viddhai

By this they mean that all possible thousands of magic tricks are based on a small number of basic magic ideas. These ideas, these basic principles of magic, as they call it, are amazingly few. But from them all new tricks are created. Whether they are sleight of hand or stage illusions.

The magical inventors are those who use these principles in such a novel and fresh way that even experienced magicians cannot guess which principles are used.

By the way, if we look at some of the basic ideas of magic and see how easy it is for any boy to invent his own technique, we can easily come to the conclusion that everything is possible only if the boy doing the magic thinks a little; no external matter cooperates.


What are the other things we expect from SEPPADU VIDDHAI?

“… Searching for a deeper meaning, trying to find patterns in everything, trying to solve the riddles of life – this is curiosity and hunger for knowledge. By finding solutions to problems, there are many small questions that each person must answer throughout life to find the unique brand SELF. This book will help you find answers to deeper questions. Learning how to apply this knowledge in real life is the real challenge the reader must face …”

“… Our life is a linear instrument, subject to the same cycle resonating in and around eternity. We must therefore become aware of the ‘unmoving’ force that exists in all forms of life; in all forms of itself …”

“… To ensure a reasonable amount of happiness in life and to achieve as much as possible, we must live between the extremes and learn to find a balance between the different values, this is the idea the reader will take away from this book …”

“… Steel is hardened by being exposed to the blazing fire of a furnace and then cooled, and so too is the human spirit hardened by adversity. The rich and privileged lack this and are often spoilt, with a warped view of reality and a childlike ignorance of the ways of the world. We have to live through hard times to gain respect for life and sharpen those skills, the book says …”

“… Therefore, unless you make yourself like God, you cannot comprehend God; for like is known by like. Detach yourself from all that is corporeal and make yourself an equal with that greatness which is beyond all measure; then you will comprehend God – the reader, after reading this book, will definitely take a firm stand on God and strive to become God …”

What else ?

Each chapter in this series has a way of triggering the impulse to penetrate the essence of one’s being, to become one with the inner world. Although each chapter is self-contained and independent of the others, together they represent a journey that leads the reader to a new stage of his life.

This collection is intended for those who feel called to imbue their lives with the sublime principles of purification.

The book first gives the reader some thoughts to ponder, leading him to discover the seed of light within himself

Seppadu Viddhai represents the stage when this seed, once germinated, breaks through the earth and comes into contact with the sun, the air and larger plants that protect it. It is about contact with the energy centers of the plant on the planet that support the development of souls. This is also true for the human being.

Seppadu Viddhai expresses the stage in which the stem begins to form. We become aware of the path we need to take, the choices we need to make towards development, and the trials we need to go through in order for the true purpose of our time on earth to be fulfilled.

Seppadu Viddhai refers to the phase in the life of the plant when it focuses on its leaves and breathes in harmony with the rhythms of the universe.

This book inspires us and gives us clarity to deal with material things.

Seppadu Viddhai invites us to cross the threshold of spiritual consciousness and participate in the life of soul groups and the work of planetary hierarchies.

Seppadu Viddhai represents the time when the tree bears fruit. The words are nourishment for a life of service that the reader may have already begun or is preparing for.

Finally, Seppadu Viddhai represents the stage when the tree, having borne fruit, offers its seeds for the birth of new plants. These scriptures contain a series of mantras in Tamil, a cosmic language, which can be used individually or in groups.

This book carries an energy that not only ends a life cycle, but also stimulates the beginning of a new journey of discovery, helping pilgrims to return to their immortal origins, their true home.

A very rare and really very useful book that everyone should have in his book collection!!!