Reward Matrix

Reward Matrix For Contributors

Any grant/support/donation to Amiable Aid Foundation is exempt from tax under Section 80 G of the Income Tax Act.

At Amiable Aid Foundation, our passion is to serve others. Everyone who supports our passion is God-given. We treat them as we would treat God.

Long before you contribute and get involved, we plan how we can give back and improve your life.

We want to give back more than your donation is worth. In this competition of giving, we always want to win.

With this in mind, we have created a reward matrix for donors and investors that is only notional and indicative, while far more is on the way.

Nevertheless, at all times we take into account the well-being of donors in order to always reward them appropriately.

If you would like to donate money, in-kind donations, time or expertise, Amiable Aid Foundation offers a variety of ways to extend your support.

Nevertheless, culture and conduct abide in reciprocity. We humans reside in the matrix where culture and conduct continuously and ceaselessly meet; it is our lifeworld. In this respect, we like to spread the recompense choices to our benefactors:

Donor/Investor Choices:


Suitable donors/investors will be offered a sufficient piece of land on which to build their own farmhouse in our hill village in close proximity to our service/resident sites.


i) The donor/investor will receive a 5 x 5 square ft. plot of land with a tree on our property where they can place a statue/memorial niche for their loved one.


The donor/investor will be rewarded with

ii) timeshare holiday homes

iii) their own holiday homes.


Another compensation package for the donor/investor as reward is :

(iv) Booking of a residence in Poongaviyam for self/relatives in any of the categories (short term, rehabilitation, residential and palliative care)


The donor/investor will be offered routine health check-up and regular prescription of Siddha medicines to

(v) Prepare the mind and body for a perfect state through proper nutrition.

(vi) Prepare the human body as a perfect medium to become a higher soul by using BLACK NECTAR.


Regular rejuvenation therapies are offered to the donor/investor

(vii) Massage therapy for donor/family members.

(viii) Pizhisal therapy with Milrkanagam Thaila Vargams.


Donors/investors have the following priorities

ix) Access to the Cosmos Planetarium meditation room

x) Participation in yoga classes


The eligible donor/investor will be included as an active member in the Amiable Aid Foundation administration as

(xi) Full Director with voting privileges

(xii) Honorary Director


(xiv) Mutual Aid through our AMUNITE Society.


(xv) Subscription to books/audio/video magazines

xvi) Subscription to regular newsletters


(xiii) Use the 750-seat auditorium and 500-seat dining room for all your celebrations/events and family reunions.


(xiv) GITGIOH campaign stands for holistic health. Organic products and rare foods are grown naturally in our Aghamalai and surrounding mountain villages. Through equity marketing, we have established contract farming programmes that benefit the tribal community. Amiable Aid Foundation prepares healthy food from organic, nature-endorsed fruits and vegetables under strict quality standards in rural factories of Amiable Aid Foundation. Many rare herbs are collected from the valleys of Aghamalai to prepare pickles, honey, jam, appalam and vaththal blended with herbs like Modakkathan (Cardiospermum helicacabrim), Vallarai (Centella asiatica), Thooduvalai (Solanum trilobatum), Pirandai (Cissus quadrangularis), vegetables and Amla are some of the flagship products. Herbal oils for external application to cure psoriasis, arthritis, dandruff, hair loss, head massage &, body massage application, remedies for premature ejaculation are some of the unique products of Amiable Aid Foundation that give exemplary results. Candies with almonds, cashews and ground nuts are healthy and delicious and appreciated by all. Cloves, cardemam and fruits such as awakoda, banana, mangoes and jackfruit etc., are value added and serve the benefit of our members/donors/investors and the general public. Our special cosmetic products such as herbal face masks and soaps are useful to people across all borders.