Poongaviyam - Sacred Golden Life

Poongaviyam is an elderly home runs on the basis of Adopted Residential Ministration (ARM). It offers the lifestyle of Tamil Siddhars with a combination of modern facilities and traditional family-oriented values – an ethos that carries over into the lifestyle of the residents.


Importance of ARM (Adopted Residential Ministration)

As old age nears, people tend to lose the ability to walk, talk and hear and gradually they become like children. It’s only natural that they look up to the mercy of others, to fulfil their day to day needs. On some occasions, during emergency, elders are left alone for hours together and the chances of getting them admitted in hospitals are lost.

This not only results in the end of the elder person’s life but also brings about physical disablement to the elder person and discomfort to rest of their family. In most cases, there is no trained manpower available for elders’ care in houses. Affordability has also become the major reason for ignoring elders’ care. In some cases, though the elders have sufficient funds put aside for their care, there is no one ready to take care of them.

The Poongaviyam home tailors activities to residents’ preferences to make their new home – a place of pleasure, peaceful living, yoga, pranayama and serene, tranquil and memorable experiences.


The burden on family caregivers must be considered in any cost calculation. When the burden of caring for an incapacitated elderly relative becomes too great and the caregiver’s good will and personal reserves are exhausted, there are serious consequences for both the elderly care recipient and the family.

The caregiver’s own health may be compromised, institutionalization may be sought, elderly relatives may be abused or neglected, and families may break under conflicting loyalties to their own interests and the needs of an elderly relative.

Therefore, the health and quality of life of those providing care are linked to the health and quality of life of the older people receiving support – and are therefore of equal importance.


At Poongaviyam, we want to help and support you in living a full and happy life. We combine modern facilities and practices with traditional family values to provide you with the best possible care, love and support.

We carefully select our highly skilled and dedicated staff to care for and support our wonderful residents

We focus on individual needs and emphasize choice. Our residents also benefit from a nurse on site 24 hours a day and have access to physical therapists, podiatrists and naturopaths.

The cornerstone of our philosophy of care is to treat and welcome each resident as a family member. We strive to make our home a true home for residents, their family and their supporters.



At Poongaviyam, each visitor is assessed individually and customized recovery and rejuvenation plans are created for the individual to meet all of their needs and desires. This ensures that each visitor is treated the way they would like to be treated and according to their specific needs and abilities.



The duration of short-term care can range from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the needs of the individual. Our short-term care is available year-round and is ideal for people who need rehabilitation after surgery or for family caregivers who want to take a vacation.



At Poongaviyam, we make sure you receive the care and support you need to recover and regain your independence after surgery or serious illness. We have developed a number of customized systems to provide quality rehabilitation or convalescent care.



We are very aware of the importance and role that family and friends play in the lives of our residents. We encourage all family and friends to visit us as often as possible and become part of our small community. Friends and family members are always welcome.


In Poongaviyam we have a special department for herbal massage, where all our residents are cared for by highly qualified staff.

From specialized long-term care to short-term solutions, we work within a person-centered framework to provide the highest standard of care to residents under the direction of a dedicated team of caregivers.

Visitors can take advantage of the facilities available during their short stay and browse the site to relax.

They can view the hills and dense forests in our unspoiled natural landscape. They can enjoy the cultural events that are regularly organized for the benefit of our inmates.

The Cosmos Planetarium on the site not only shows the beauty of the surrounding valleys and dense forests, but also provides a glimpse of the distant planets.

Visitors enjoy their stay at Poongaviyam so much that they want to return or stay permanently once the initial visit period is over.


Palliative care at our Poongaviyam, often referred to as end-of-life care, takes a holistic approach to ensure that people with life-limiting illnesses or conditions can live as comfortably as possible and that their quality of life is enhanced in the time they have left. We support our residents and their families during this time by ensuring that their physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs are met.

Activities and events are an integral part of our residents’ lifestyle. We recognize the value and importance of meaningful activities to an individual’s quality of life.

Each person is unique and finds different activities stimulating and energizing. We try to find out what stimulates, engages and gives meaning to each individual and plan group and individual activities accordingly.

Our dedicated animation team develops a full calendar of activities that promote the emotional and physical well-being of our residents. For example, we place a high priority on regular exercise, as it helps maintain mobility and strength as we age. Group activities therefore include classes such as seated yoga, which help our residents maintain and improve their strength and mobility in a fun and stimulating way. This type of exercise is not strenuous and plays a key role in helping people stay active and maintain their independence.

We also take care of the well-being of our inmates by teaching them proper nutrition and the Tamil Siddhar detoxification method.

We combine the physical activities with social activities, we organise events that allow residents to interact with each other and with the outside world. Sometimes these are external outings, sometimes they are internal events for residents, friends and families. We know that our homes are small communities, and an active social life is encouraged here. Family members and friends are always welcome to visit us and participate in social events.


Meals are an important part of our lifestyle. We take pride in the quality and selection of meals that our outstanding kitchen staff prepares each day. We promote each resident’s well-being by providing a positive, nutritious and memorable dining experience in a well-equipped dining area to ensure they are well-fed, well-hydrated and fulfilled.

Our professional chefs use fresh ingredients to prepare a variety of healthy, nutritionally balanced and delicious meals each day. Our kitchen team speaks with residents both at mealtimes and in groups to ensure they know individual resident preferences – menus are created by our residents. We combine this with social interaction to provide a positive dining experience for our residents.


At Poongaviyam, we combine modern facilities and practises with traditional family values to provide your family with the best possible care, love and support. We strive to make our home a true home away from home for residents, their loved ones and friends.

This Section 08 non-profit facility, AMIABLE AID FOUNDATION, was founded with the sole purpose of better helping and serving the people of our community.

An important pillar of our philosophy of care is to ensure that everyone can live a happy, engaged and fulfilling life.

Each of our homes has a dedicated lifestyle team that develops a calendar of activities and events that fulfil the wishes and dreams of our residents.


Poongaviyam is located in Aghamalai
Aghamalai hill is located on the western ghats characterised by slopes and breathtaking landscapes. It is 17 KM from the mainland of Theni, 25 km from Dindigul and 90 km from Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Theni is well connected by all three modes of transport with major cities of Tamil Nadu like Madurai, Thiruchirapalli, Coimbatore, Chennai and Pondichery.

The nearest airport is Madurai Airport, 77 kilometres away. Madurai airport is connected to many cities in India and offers regular flights to all major metropolises.

Visitors can easily reach Theni from Madurai airport by cab or public transport. The roads leading to Theni are in excellent condition.

National Highways 45, 47 and 183 all lead to Theni. Theni is well connected by rail to cities such as Madurai, Chennai and Coimbatore. Other cities such as Bengaluru and Puducherry are well connected by rail to Madurai, from where Theni is easily accessible.

Poongaviyam is located amidst dense vegetation
Latitude 13.0938995 and longitude 80.292356 are the geo-coordinates of the hill, whose mean sea level is 888 metres above sea level.

Much of this hill country is protected by deciduous forests - dry deciduous forests on the slopes and moist and wet deciduous forests on the higher slopes and in the river valleys.

Once our Cosmos Planetarium is set up, planets above and, of course, below ground, in the valleys, species and habitats of the local ecosystem can be viewed through our high quality telescopes.

Rich wildlife, including slender loris, gaur, sambar deer, sloth, Asian civet cat, Indian hare, jungle cat and Indian pangolin can be observed in the wild. Birds such as Indian peacock, Asian koel, Indian grey hornbill and endemic blue-winged parakeet can be found in these forests.

Reptiles such as the Python molurus, the famous Indian tortoise, and venomous snakes such as the Indian cobra, Russell’s viper, the herbaceous viper, and the endemic bamboo pit viper, as well as the little-noticed striped coral snake Calliophis nigrescens are native to the area.

Lizards such as the Bengal umbrella, Indian chameleon, flying lizard or Draco dussumieri, Calotes calotes, Ophisops minor and Cnemaspis geckos can be seen here.