Milir Kanagam - Realizing Divine Potential Within

The human body holds the world and God within, and through yoga and meditation, one can access and channel their divine powers for physical perfection and immortality.

Milir Kanagam


The whole world, including God, is present in the hidden aspects of the human body and mind. The gross human body is a remarkably intricate physiology of the yogic or subtle body, which consists of a series of energy centers, a network of channels, and an array of male and female divine powers.

In this subtle body, through an elaborate combination of postures, breathing techniques, meditative states, and acoustic devices, the yogi intuitively channels all of his internalized divine energies, breaths, bodily fluids, and mental states to a single point where he realizes physical perfection and immortality once and for all.

There is no absolute distinction between divine and human beings, in many contexts human beings are indeed divine.

- Seppadu Viddhai | Maneksha


A blend of organic, natural and cosmic substances gives enriched medicinal value to any natural living being. Obviously, our human body does not have the power to destroy itself!

Its self-healing powers are enhanced when we include smidgen of cosmic substances together with organic … Foods, grains, millet, herbs, vegetables and fruits into our daily diet.

Taking advantage of this ancient wisdom, we offer products whose main task is to conspire with the body to awaken health-protective and self-healing mutinies against antimmuno innuendos, which leads to boost the vitality and physiological balance of our body.

The secret and nuance of achieving enriched quality in our cosmic – herbal substances hinge mainly on our impeccable methods that we apply with a clinical precision that we have achieved.

We refer to this process as Siddhi.

Siddhi is the traditional way of procuring, preserving, preparing and processing methods followed by us to get the desired medicinal effects from the key ingredients of cosmic – herbal substances.

Each and every part of the above process requires days, sometimes months of hard work and voluminous manpower.

We prepare a core substance called “Muppu” (Tri-salts) whose formula has been deciphered from ancient palm leaf manuscripts.

Whether in alchemy or in the mysteries, practical engagement is the key to wisdom. The alchemists would say: Ora et labora, or God through Labor.

The final product we have obtained is called Milir Kanagam.


Embrace the Philosopher Within

The Milir Kanagam is sought as a miraculous mixture that has the power to repair the human body and thereby prolong human life almost indefinitely.

Maybe you will use it to open a new door.

Be on your guard! Once you pass through this door, you will find that the pursuit of wisdom requires either all your attention or none at all.

If you become a philosopher, your friends may think you have gone a little mad.

Indeed, what would they make of you?

Goggle-eyed, absent-minded, weird friends mumbling about ancient history, the good and the Righteous, and chemistry. Things that most people just do not think about.

Those who preceded you would smile, ‘How you come to terms with this is none of our business. We do not even know if you are serious.’

Medical and Health Enrichment

Our medical and health enriching products are alchemical in nature.

Alchemical literature is based on physical similitude. This means that everything is similar and closely related to everything else. These relationships are inexhaustible and include all elements of this world and heaven.

The authors of the sacred arts of alchemy consciously and with great pleasure use the hermetic drift to slide from similarity to similarity and from meaning to meaning. The content of each expression and symbol becomes another riddle, even more mysterious than the previous one, and the final meaning is inevitably deferred. Linguistics and symbols entangle the whole subject.

The esoteric elites complacently evade analysis and criticism. As a result, their theories are never testable and have a very low degree of reliability, called verisimilitude. In the end, the content is often an empty secret or something that time has otherwise reduced to made common knowledge.



Muppu (universal salt)

The hallmark of Siddha medicine is especially the preparation and use of the “universal salt”

In other traditions of medical systems, universal medicine is known as the philosopher’s stone, elixir or panacea.

The ancient wisdom of the Siddhars states that every manifestation inherently has a dual character – a life-giving and a life-destroying aspect called Amritha Pakam or Nanju Pakam. Prakrithi and Purusha.

Prakrithi has been described to disguise the Purusha aspect.

She veils the single sense, the sentient aspect, through her multifaceted forms. This is no different than when the nanju aspect (life-destroying) blossoms and obscures the Amritha aspect (life-giving). Through these clandestine inner actions, the drive to do so gains momentum

Yet both aspects are the same energy acting in a complementary pattern within a single path or mode

The life-giving aspect nourishes life with its healing tendency, while the life-destroying aspect creates an imbalance that leads to decay. This apparent contradiction exists only in perception and is actually a complementary function, as both aspects originate from a single source

The Siddhars transferred this cosmic law to the spiritual realms and expressed it in eloquent writings, calling maya or illusion eternal, inherent, and as vast as the spirit of Purusha.

Thus, although it is maya that clouds perception and veils one’s true nature, the silent Spirit or Purusha from oneself, it is really She only who can grant the blessing and grace to recognise it

Similarly, with the dissolution or elimination of the poisonous aspect (Nanju Pakam), the Amritha aspect manifests as a whole and occupies the empty space of Nanju Pakkam, the life-destroying aspect. From that moment, the qualities of the Amritha aspect blossom and express themselves in their entirety. They transform the inherent state of all matter into immaculate vitality, nourishing it and giving it its life-giving expression.

The sages of the ancient cults developed formulas in which they used the universal salt as a catalyst to initiate and accelerate the process of unfolding the healing properties hidden in all things. The Siddhars encoded formulas for purification and the elimination of the toxic aspect present in everything and everyone. They spoke in their revelations of how it changes and transforms the dual character, refining it to its utmost and purest potential.

It is called “Muppu,” meaning the three salts or essence, and is used extensively by the ancient Siddhars in external alchemical preparations of KayaKalpa medicines for longevity and immortality, this process being applied in the Siddha system to all preparations, including herbs, spices, metals and minerals.


Jayaneer – Victorious Water

Magic mercury ! The liquid metal mercury and sulphur – both are volatile when burned. In order to use them for medicinal preparations, especially for incineration techniques, they must first lose their volatile nature. For this purpose, the Siddhars have prepared a special liquid called Jayaneer. This Jayaneer cancels the influence of the elements of fire, water and air. In other words: When this specially formulated Jayaneer comes in contact with fire, it does not evaporate!

The Siddhars used this magical preparation to purify many toxic substances up to atomic substances and also to purify mercury. When mercury and other volatile substances are mixed and blended with the ‘victorious water’, they lose their volatility to fire. The Siddhars used this alchemical water to reverse or change the nature of the various poisons contained in metals and successfully transformed them into medicine – ready and able to cure human diseases without any illness or side effect.

Another preparation where Jayaneer is still used today is the precious kattu (bind) and kazhangu (dissolve), originally from the Siddha system.

Solve et coagula

சமஷ்டியும், வியஷ்டியும்

பிரிப்பதும், சேர்ப்பதுவும்

These preparations had an unimaginable shelf life of a thousand years and more!