Harbinger Gitgioh


Harbinger Gitgioh


The initiatives of the Amiable Aid Foundation are aimed at the future generation
“By studying the monuments that one generation erected and the kinds of people they put up statues to honor, we can learn a lot about the character of the people who lived during that time.

Look at the pyramids in Egypt and read the language they speak. What is the significance of the tens of millions of cubic meters of massive masonry enclosing two or three small chambers whose entrances are so narrow that the sarcophagus inside must have been placed inside before the walls were built; and these entrances were subsequently closed with huge blocks of stone too heavy to be moved by normal force?

What does all this say?

What is the language of that generation that the tongues of the pyramids speak to this generation?

It says that the monarchs were absolute, selfish, cruel and short-sighted. They erected these huge monuments to preserve their glory from oblivion and their bodies from turmoil

The monuments also tell us that the people must have been ignorant, oppressed and like “dumb, driven cattle

They also tell us that great multitudes of men and women were driven out of the cities and villages to toil for weeks and months, lifting stones and hauling sand; and when all were exhausted, others crowded in to take their place.

We are also taking initiatives to lay the foundation stone for a memorial that will also speak to future generations; and although what we dig into the foundation stone and what we put into it will never be seen, the memorial itself will speak to future generations.

It will show that the physical condition of the human race in this world was imperfect and unfavorable, and that children were born in this generation and children are expected in the next generation who will be numerous enough to form a permanent class.

These children of this imperfect class were not only loved and cherished by their parents and relatives, but also cared for by the larger, kind-hearted public, which is in no way related to them.

It will be seen that the social and political system was formed and maintained not only for defense against enemies, for the common economic interest, for the spiritual culture and high civilization of the many, but also for the protection and care of the weak and infirm.

The countries that had just armed and sent out many thousands of strong soldiers to serve on the borders and realize their high career of material prosperity also took care of all the children and thought that the people with handicapped physique, disadvantaged intellect and old age should not be neglected either.

In such a language, our initiatives will speak to many generations in the coming time.

The humane works like Poongaviyam – old age home with concierge care, Milirkanagam – reinstating Tamil Siddha medicinal marvels, Aghamalai Pizhisal – reiterating the inherited glory of Siddha therapies, Casmos planetarium – aiming at exhilarating planetary meditation, Saamaram – striving for best ecological succession initiatives, Seppaduviddhai – reinvigorating the classical Tamil literary classics .. are aimed at the welfare of humanity – will be highly appreciated by the future generation.