Cosmos Planetarium

The shift in our scientific view is changing the way we see ourselves, the cosmos and our place in the universe

Cosmos Planetarium

We and our planet Earth were created from elements formed in stars that lived and died long ago. The so-called elements are hydrogen and helium, which were transformed into heavier elements. So we are 'star stuff'! As our soul, which consists of air, holds us together, so breath and air encompass the universe. Through the act of breathing we take into our being a part of the all-pervading vital element of all being; in this universal being we live and move and have our consciousness; the eternal and omnipresent wisdom becomes our wisdom, at least in fragments, through the channels of our senses and especially through the eyes. Therefore, if man is wise, it is because his spirit is kindled through union with the universal spirit. Unity arises from multiplicity, multiplicity from unity, and the harmony of the universe consists of opposites.

The shift in our scientific view is changing the way we see ourselves, the cosmos and our place in the universe By aligning ourselves with the unified field, we open access to our enormous potential as individuals and as a species.

We explore unity physics – the science behind the interconnected universe, its roots, its current application, and its enormous potential. By understanding the scientific principles of interconnectedness, we can profoundly impact our daily lives and the world around us.

In light of this concept, we have established a COSMOS PLANETARIUM.

Our two main objectives are: (1) to show man as he really is, and (2) to help him develop his true inner self, his permanent part.

Although man comes from far away and sleeps, he can return when he acquires the means to do so.

It is obvious that a clear, dark, starry night sky evokes intense feelings in us that connect us to something sublime and transcendent. The night sky calls to us, and people have responded over the years with their star tales, their monuments, their theories, and their observatories

In earlier eras, the power of the stars inspired people to tell stories about their ancestors, their search for food, the animals we lived with, and the delicate balance needed to sustain life. The stars taught us how to live with each other and with our environment. As our civilizations grew, the stars provided the basis for binding together hundreds, thousands, and now millions of us in commerce, religion, science, and even war. This process began with the setting of the calendar, and every civilization in the world used the stars, the moon and the sun to provide a tempo for the dance of their people as they grew crops, transported goods and planned new ventures. This process continued as writing enabled people to record, over many centuries, patterns of events that had previously been disjointed – eclipses, comets, and the movements of the planets all seemed to repeat themselves, giving great power to humans who could predict the inner workings of the mysterious clockwork that seemed to control the universe. With our knowledge of the stars, we better understand our Earth, realizing that the stars and the Earth are made of the same elements forged in the early universe and in the cauldron of previous generations of stars. These elements have found refuge in the Earth and in the rocks of this small outpost of life on the edge of a great galaxy. The stars call to us and exert a power over us, perhaps because we are formed from them, just as all the atoms in our bodies come from within a long-forgotten star

By looking up at the sun, the moon, the planets and the stars, opening our minds to notice and remember subtle changes, we can become aware of the intricate clockwork of the heavens. On any given day, the planets, the sun and the moon form a pattern that changes. All we need to see this pattern is time and a place to observe the sky. Observations take place at the same time each day as the daily and annual stellar motions and planetary cycles.

Humanity was created for a purpose, it knew what that purpose was before it took human form, it forgot what that purpose was when it was born, it can begin to remember when it takes the appropriate

‘reminders’,and continues to exist after physical death in a state that has been altered by the earthly phase.

This “sleep” and this “forgetting” is overcome here and now during our planetary existence.

The ideas of immortality from ‘Recollections of early childhood” will be of a lesser kind, they will lack the quality of being that can only be acquired through the work of development, the conscious and aware spiritual evolution for which this terrestrial phase is both the opportunity and the medium. If this does not happen, life after death will be little better than life before death.

For “where your heart is, there is your heaven”.

To be honest, we do not remember ourselves.’ we do not feel, we are not aware of ourselves.

But moments of self-remembering do occur in life, albeit rarely. They come either in a new and unexpected environment, in a new place, among new people, for example, when traveling, when suddenly you look around and say, “How strange I am and in this place”; or in very emotional moments, in moments of danger, in moments when it is necessary to keep one’s head when one hears one’s own voice and sees and observes oneself from the outside.

A lack of self-presence means a lack of control, a lack of orientation

People who consider self-awareness to be their normal possession have not only failed to understand what is meant by this condition, but are even further excluded from this understanding by this belief.

Self-remembering is not something we normally do. It is a new and different experience. And it requires a special effort of consciousness on our part to achieve it

Nevertheless, everyone, whether they are aware of it or not, uses the power we call “magic” every day. Our reality is constructed by our thoughts, both conscious and unconscious, and our experiences are ones designed to teach us spiritual life lessons. Although we are constantly creating our experiences with our thoughts, the ritual implementation of these conscious intentions – through magic, prayer, visualization, or some other method -further attunes us to the process of creation and reminds us of the immense power we possess as human beings.

To help us develop this “magic”, each planet is inherently associated with human characteristics and global concerns through its color, terrain, interior, atmosphere, and satellites. Because of the spiritual support we receive through observations, new discoveries regarding the planets in our solar system will go on forever, making the correlation to human characteristics – to achieve soul growth.

The original purpose is to identify the areas of life that need to be worked on to achieve soul growth.