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Amiable Aid


A prudent organisation like the Amiable Aid Foundation does not want to raise money first, but to make friends. In this way, we aim to build friendships that add real value to us, our community and our organisation

The various strategies for fulfilling our mission will come and go. Market dynamics, industry trends and timing make our journey an uncharted territory. But the one constant that runs through all moments since the beginning of human life on earth is the value of meaningful relationships.

It's really no challenge for us to drive our visions for the future by surrounding ourselves with like-minded, benevolent brothers and sisters who believe in what we do.

Scope of Membership drive

AMIABLE AID FOUNDATION (AAF) has an objective and a fire in it to do something that makes a difference in the lives of physically and mentally disabled and elderly people

AAF has done a lot of thinking, bringing like-minded people together, creating an action plan and implementing it.

In fact, the whole process of starting AAF was natural and evolutionary in the initial stages and the result of sudden or abrupt changes in many lives that set times for crossing each stage.

Over time, as people observe our high motivation and performance, they expect more work in terms of volume and type than what our peers normally manage. Initially, we see this as an opportunity to redefine our best performance and expand our capabilities. But within a very short time, we realize that this means extra hours and multitasking. We start working harder for less performance.

Given the circumstances and situation we all find ourselves in, we feel that the help and guidance we receive from our limited circle will gradually be exhausted over time – with the result that the impact falls short of the visionary’s expectations.

AAF believes that “there is no point in achieving goals unless it is done within a certain time and in a certain way.” All we need is to be better resourced with the right strategy and with more people. Recognizing this need, we have proposed to build a network of like-minded members who value AAF’s mission and vision.

Members will be an integral part necessary for AAF’s success. They will be actively recruited from across the global community and include all ages and abilities. They will be engaged in almost every aspect of AAF.

The role of the members

Membership in AAF is open to all people in all walks of life. However, a member will be someone for whom service to the community is a particular concern. Potential members may well have experience in dealing with people seeking help in their own lives. A member must have sufficient resources, a good reputation in their community, and a willingness to continue working with AAF in the future. They must devote as much time and energy as their wallet. An external board of directors will be formed, including highly qualified individuals from the membership. This board will be composed of health care, nursing, legal and financial planning professionals, as well as donors, family members of care recipients and other distinguished members of the community. Given the importance of these members, it is critical to assemble not just people, but the right people.

Benefits for the members
AAF provides a social framework for members and their families to support each other and also to contribute to the community

The exclusive benefits that AAF offers to its members are:

Prospects for the members of AAF

Group process is the secret of collective life, it is AAF’s main hope for social life in the future. The goal is to help members who need each other to improve their social adjustment and help AAF to achieve its vision

AAF provides a concrete, hospitable platform for these tasks

Members represent a broad range of social work practice. Therefore, this system has structure, stability, interaction, reciprocity, interdependence, and group bonding. To qualify as a member of the AAF, four conditions must be met:

i. The member should focus on helping other members become a mutual aid system;
ii. the member must understand the role of the group process itself as the primary force responsible for individual and collective change;
iii. the member strives to strengthen the autonomy of the group;
iv. the member helps group members experience their group membership after the group has ended.


By engaging in activities for the body, mind and spirit, you would have learned about yourself and developed new attitudes and behaviours that are healthy and life-enhancing. All this would give you a strong sense of purpose in your life.

Allright. Resist the temptation to count the days of your stay in Azure – whether 10, 20 or 30 – to your heart’s content!

Guiding values

The overriding value is that members have the opportunity to realize their potential for a life that is both personally satisfying and socially desirable. According to the guiding values, AAF members are responsible for each other and bear responsibility for one another

As an integral part of the AAF mission, the members’ guiding values are as follows:
Members are inherently valuable;
Members are mutually responsible for one another; and
Members have the fundamental right to experience a sense of well-being brought about by AAF that supports their flourishing

Mutual aid is not simply the exchange of support. It is multidimensional and involves at least 10 types of processes or activities that occur among and between members, including: Sharing of data, the dialectical process, discussion of taboo topics, the phenomenon of everyone being in the same boat, development of a universal perspective, mutual support, mutual demand, practise of new skills, individual problem solving, and the phenomenon of strength in numbers.

The fact is that it is an auxiliary system in which the members need each other and the whole community.

This need to use one another, to create not one but many helping relationships, is an essential part of this membership drive and constitutes a need over and above the specific tasks of achieving the vision of AAF for which the group is formed.

This membership drive is based on the belief that the group is a cohesive group with unchanging members

However, the effects of open membership are likely to result in a more cyclical pattern of group development, with regressions as members join and/or leave the group

If membership is open but the group is of long duration, a core group of members is likely to emerge. In this case, the core group takes responsibility for indoctrinating new members.

Let us work together

The physical condition of the human race in this country has been imperfect and unfavorable, and that there have been born in this generation, and are expected to be born in the next

Children/adults with imperfect physical conditions are numerous enough to form a consistent class. These children/adults of this class were not only loved and cherished by their parents and kindred, but also cared for by the broad, kind-hearted public, who are in no way related to them.

Persons marked by disability/afflictions discomfort depend more than ordinary persons do for their happiness and support more than normal people. Therefore, all these should be nurtured and strengthened by the support of people with good hearts.

God’ Haven – in which all should live contentedly. The innocent with severe disabilities/discomforts/elderly cared for with the spirit of a progressive age in noble institutions

These noble institutions are consecrated to the restoration of fallen humanity and are sustained by the abundant support of many noble hearts. These noble hearts restoring humanity complement the work of CREATOR of Havens.

Gether for Good – AMUNITE

with a sense of “we are all in the same boat” to create a world where people of advanced age, challenged physique and underdeveloped intellect live their lives with respect and dignity.