the vision of amiableAID is to create a world where people with advanced age, challenged physique and underdeveloped intellect live their lives with respect and dignity.


    AmiableAID’s mission is to provide rehabilitation services in the areas of communication, self-care, home living, social skills, community use, self-determination, health and safety, functional academic education, employment and recreation to people with physical and mental impairments and those of advanced age through our continuing professional efforts.


    the moral value of amiableAID is anchored in non-material values such as living in harmony with nature, social equality, and the pursuit of higher levels of being.


    the inspiration of amiableAID is: “When we have chosen a work in which we can achieve the most for humanity, then no burden can bend us, because it is only sacrifices for all; then we do not enjoy a poor, limited egoistic joy; because our happiness belongs to all, our deeds live on working eternally, and our ashes are soaked by the hot tears of noble people”


    the goal of amiableAID is to enable people to critically understand their situation and plight, identify and prioritize needs, develop methods to address their needs and problems, mobilize resources, learn from experience, and do this entirely in self – reliant manner.

  • ROLE

    To fulfil the mission of amiableAID, its Role is to lead, support, coordinate, strengthen and transform activities that protect the well-being of people with physical and mental disabilities and the elderly.


    In the sense and spirit of some doctrines AmiableAID operates, which prove to be deeply insightful. They will be equally helpful for people who pass through them.

    AmiableAID believes that any type of doctrine followed by an institution includes an obligation to communicate with all acquaintances to promote harmony with them. While coping with common interests between AmiableAID and its acquaintances, it is important to adhere to these principles.

    However, AmiableAID does not ask – nor expect – anyone who comes in contact with AmiableAID or receives services from AmiableAID to regard its doctrines as their truth – in their private lives – unless they are consistent with their own personal enlightenment and private beliefs.


    The fetus is not yet a human being, because with the breath of life, the first breath, when the water-breathing creature becomes an air-breathing creature, the real life begins.

    At the time of our birth, we were given a cake by nature. It is our first birthday cake in round shape.

    The ingredients of the cake consist of all the important and still viable vibrations that we have built around us in this life.

    The ingredients of the cake are distinguished by us as joy and pain.

    Fifty percent of the cake consists of pleasure. The rest of the fifty percent contains painful things.

    For a person, the percentage of the other things in his cake changes depending on the percentage of the one pleasure/pain.

    Each person has a unique combination of ingredients in the cake – a unique percentage of pain or pleasure.

    The cake commissions a script from us at birth that we can either produce or discard in the present drama of life.

    With the cake, each man and woman has begun the long journey together – and each will inevitably reach the same destination – at an individual time, by an individually chosen method of travel, on an individually chosen path, with an equally individually chosen road map.

    We cannot rise higher than the highest that is in each of us – and we cannot sink lower than the lowest that is in each of us.

    Everyone is heading for the same destination, and arrival is equally certain for everyone, regardless of the chosen travel model.

    There is infinite evidence of the wonderful synchronicity of the universe emanating from everyone in every conceivable facet of life. There are also discordant patterns, but fortunately the sour notes in the symphony are few and more than balanced by the harmonic chords.

    After all, our activities are a predetermined mandate from us to this wonderful universe.

    Let us eat our cake with satisfaction and without grumbling!


    It’s our task to go with the flow in the universe and celebrate it in the world that exists. It’s not our job to change the world or the people around us. Our Creator manifests the spirit of this world in His own image. Our Creator’s love for this world will enable it to survive, just as He does for the whole earth. The world doesn’t need to be saved by another force. Nature itself is fully capable of solving its own problems without the “helpfulness” of man.


    All species, from amoeba to large animal, respond to distress signals sent in response to threats to life against the cells of any member of the living community. Signals from dying cells to the drying blood of an accidentally cut finger are evidence of this. Likewise, the same species respond to love and affection shown to them. Plants pick up all sorts of things from the emotional aura of people who approach them. Birds tell grass, plants, trees, and flowers when to grow by creating the sounds necessary for their chemical activity through their song. “Amazing as it may seem, there is a life force signal that connects all of creation”. We can not touch a flower without trembling a star shaking. Our hand looks firm, but in reality it is not. If we were to put it under a real microscope, we would see a mass of vibrating energy

    Everything is made of exactly the same thing, whether it is our hand, an animal, a fish, a plant, the ocean, or a star. We are all connected. We just do not see it. There is no “out there” and an “in here”. Everything in the universe is connected. It is one energy field.

    Most people define themselves by this finite body, but we are not a finite body. Even under a microscope, we are an energy field. What we know about energy is this: According to quantum physics, energy creates the world. Energy is objective form, and so we find that law is the creative force behind every manifestation, not only of atoms, but of worlds, of the universe, of everything of which imagination can have a conception, it can never be created or destroyed, it always was, always has been, everything that has ever existed always exists, it moves in form, through form and out of form.

    God created the universe. God always was and always has been, can never be created or destroyed, everything that ever was, always will be, always moves in form, through form and out of form. This is the same description as in quantum physics, only in a different terminology. So we are this “flesh suit” walking around. We are a spiritual being, we are an energy field acting within a larger energy field. Quantum mechanics confirms this. Quantum cosmology confirms it. The universe is essentially created from thought, and all the matter around us is just precipitated thought

    Ultimately, we are the source of the universe, and if we understand this power directly through experience, we can begin to exercise our authority and achieve more and more

    Create everything. Know everything from the field of our own consciousness, which is ultimately the universal consciousness that guides the universe. Depending on how we use that power, positively or negatively, that is the kind of body in terms of health, the kind of environment we create

    So we are the creators, not only of our own destiny, but ultimately of the universal destiny. We are the creators of the universe.

    So there really are no limits to human potential. It’s the degree to which we recognize those deep dynamics and exercise them, the degree to which we harness our power. And that we are really God in a physical body. We are spirit in the flesh. We are Eternal Life expressing itself in us. We are a cosmic being. We are all power. We are all wisdom. We are all intelligence. We are perfection. We are magnificence. We are the Creator, and We create the creation of ourselves on this planet.


    Our fleshly body does not have the power to destroy itself. It is only Mental Gravity, used in the opposite direction, has this power – and we control our mental Gravity with our mind. Our mind survives the death of our body, whether we want to believe it or not. Not believing in Universal Law has not yet prevented it from functioning. Our body is really the product of our thoughts. The more than forty-two billion electrical cells in our brain have a power immeasurably stronger than physical gravity when controlled and directed by our mind. Physical gravity is a lightweight compared to the power of mental gravity. Every physical disease, without exception, is the result of the original cause of certain mental and emotional attitudes.

    The emotional seed that causes arthritis is resentment, bitterness and frustration held and controlled within – and not allowed to be expressed outwardly.

    The nerves have been whipped by the tensions of their environment, the whole personality loses the power to relax into a normal rhythm of life, and the result shows itself in the form of dispositional peculiarities.

    The disposition naturally reacts strongly on the body, upsetting its functions and even attacking the structure itself. It is impossible for any person to escape the consequences of his own attitudes, because these attitudes affect his physical harmony.

    Mental and emotional habits acquired in youth usually become apparent in their consequences only in midlife. Gradually, as the supply of vitality diminishes, the body begins to show the consequences of the various mental and emotional intemperances with which it has been afflicted.

    Chronic dispositional tendencies lead to chronic physical ailments. The peculiarities of disposition which we cultivate through the years set in upon us as physical ailments, and in later years plague us with innumerable misfortunes which destroy our happiness and peace of mind. Nowhere in nature is the operation of the law of cause and effect more evident than in problems of physical health.

    cancer arises in a person who has locked up within himself his disappointments, sorrows, and hurts. The sorrow eats away at the normal optimism of human nature and creates in the consciousness a state identical to that which cancer produces in the body.

    Diabetes is often associated with a hypocritical response to life’s circumstances.

    In an order of living based on a doctrine of debt, nervous ailments are bound to increase.

    Insecurity is the normal heritage, and each man must struggle throughout his days to maintain some semblance of physical success.

    There is little time for healthful repose in any family where one serious illness may destroy the economic stability of three generations. It is small wonder that strange and obscure diseases flourish in such an atmosphere.

    Those who demand a level of perfection from others that they themselves completely lack, and then develop a negative and cynical attitude from their disappointments, are easy victims of both diabetes and chronic kidney disease.

    Rheumatism occur in personalities that cannot adapt to change. Severe attacks of these diseases have been found to improve rapidly when the mind is freed from the tension of trying to maintain a status quo in an ever-changing world.

    Chronic stomach ailments are most common in people who worry and in people whose fragile egos are easily bruised. Nervous stomach trouble is a difficult condition to endure, but if the mind can be made to be less critical of others and more tolerant, digestion will immediately show marked improvement.

    Heart disease and heart attacks are caused by the lonely longing that results from not being loved, the inability to give or return love – or the inability to love oneself. The feeling of love and the human organ of the heart are inseparable.

    Anger is deadly and swift in its action. When we get really violently angry at someone or something, whether justified or not, and whether we hold back our anger or give it free rein, bile still results. The result is an unbearably painful attack of gallbladder and the manifestation of gallstones. It is a dreadful and painful price to pay for anger.

    Forgiveness, on the other hand, is as practical as it is spiritual, for it not only strengthens the soul but also keeps the body healthy.

    While not every illness can be traced to disposition, it is safe to say that all people with a bad disposition are ill. A bad disposition is one of the heaviest burdens the flesh can bear.

    Our nervous fellows often build a destructive tension around the simplest processes of their lives. This tension distorts and deforms otherwise useful and noble beliefs and convictions

    Of all the arts and sciences, life itself is the greatest and most profound. It takes many years to train a doctor or a lawyer in the details of his profession; but it takes many lifetimes of experience and reflection to bring a person into the fullness of his own humanity.

    Philosophy, then, teaches about health and how to preserve it, and when it is lost, how to regain it.

    The beginning of health is the discovery of the gods. Our personal life is based on our conviction of the nature of Eternal Being. When we can discern behind visible nature a Universal Principle of Good that accomplishes all things through wisdom, power and beauty, we free our minds from the various doubts about Providence. These inwardly discovered certainties give us the courage necessary for right action and bring the mind into harmony and peace.

    The second necessary element of a normal philosophy of life is the realization of the eternity of the self and the understanding of the great law of evolution by which all life grows to perfection. There must be a sense of participation in the growth and unfoldment visible everywhere in nature. The purpose of life is growth. And a person is successful to the extent that he develops a character that is in harmony with the laws of the world of which he is a part.

    The third consideration concerns sharing what we are and what we have with others of our kind. Cooperation, friendship, and the constructive emotions that bring people into closer alignment are important elements of a philosophy of health.

    The last consideration is that of leisure; haste and stress must be eliminated from the technique of life. Civilized man is the one who has discovered the dignity of leisure, and it is this discovery that has made man great in philosophy, art and literature. There must be time freed from less important pursuits to devote to the cultivation of the self. This freedom from tension entails not resisting ideas, and there are times of contemplation that belong to true maturity.

    If we want to be spiritually and physically healthy, we must free ourselves from the delusion of a materialistic civilization and reject as unlivable the prevailing habit of haste, ambition, greed and competition. Each person must suffer his own pain, and we are afflicted by the sins of our world to the extent that we allow ourselves to cooperate with the pattern of the world’s mistakes.

    Health is precious to every human being, for without it even the noblest goals are difficult to achieve. But Nature, always scheming toward the right, reserves health as a reward for those who do other things well.

    Health cannot be achieved by direct effort alone; it must be a consequence of action – the result of a proper cause.


    The idea of wealth is responsible for most of man’s inhumanity to man.

    It need not be said that the divine power which administers universal nature is in no way affected by the financial aspirations of man. The whole mechanics of accumulation is a human invention and has no meaning outside the human sphere. If people want to create small symbols on metal or paper, worship them and fight, cheat and kill for them, it is a matter of no interest in the wider dimensions of the universe. An omniscient Providence has provided the human race with everything necessary to ensure peace, happiness, health and safety. If mortals prefer to wrangle over debits and credit in a universe full of life and beauty, they will be rewarded according to the mistakes of their works.

    In an order of life based on a doctrine of debt, nervous disorders are bound to increase

    Insecurity is the normal inheritance, and each person must struggle throughout his life to maintain some semblance of physical success

    Cooperative life is the only solution to the economic anxiety complex that destroys health and peace of mind.

    In a family where a single serious illness can destroy the economic stability of three generations, there is little time for healthy recovery. It is no wonder that strange and obscure diseases thrive in such an atmosphere.


    Since it takes more than a third of our time to learn how to improve our financial affairs, since a certain degree of financial security is necessary to free the mind to ascend to higher spheres, and to take care of our health, since our physical well-being naturally takes precedence over everything else, we must first follow the right paths to satisfaction and happiness in our work. Without the basic needs of the body and mind, the spirit is in no mood to engage with the deeper waters of spirituality.

    Men and women who are dissatisfied, depressed and unhappy, whose talents, daydreams and abilities do not match the way they earn their daily bread. Not everyone is destined to be a leader. The ordinary happiness and love we will experience and project when we become an immortal are equal to saving any situation in the troubled times.

    It is useless to make a list of certain professions that suit someone. Because that in itself is not important

    Any profession that allows us to demonstrate our rare ability of empathetic listening and nourish our imagination will bring us self-realization. The people around us immediately sense that we really care about them, and our mere presence has a healing effect wherever we work with love. When we are completely satisfied with our work and it challenges us, it is one of the surest ways to realize our dreams.

    We can see in a magnificent and awe-inspiring article whose vocabulary includes 10000 words contained in the entire work. But 50 of them make up a full fifty percent of the text. That is, fifty of the poor overworked words that make up almost fifty percent of a task that employs 10000 workers. This seems to arouse our sympathy for these fifty unfortunate words.

    As with the overworked words, there are always some overworked workers in every institution.

    They should be considered blessed and not cursed. Many are called, but few are chosen. For every apparent “curse,” there is always a compensation that can turn into blessing.


    Money is more than just paper and coins. As a medium of exchange between people around the world, it has its own unrecognized power, and when the secret of this power is recognized and harnessed, money will multiply in amazing ways. We need the green energy of money to make a difference in time. Because money and success – an association that is difficult to separate in our mundane world.

    There are few who have set out to accumulate wealth, with money as their only motive, who have succeeded in achieving the goal permanently. Most fail miserably without ever coming close to their imaginations

    The vast majority of the rest, who seem to succeed temporarily, are unable to maintain their wealth. Since it brings them no trace of real happiness, their inner depression inevitably leads them to take some rash step that eventually leads to the loss of their wealth in various ways. The few who do not fail to enrich themselves and who do not have the misfortune of losing their wealth end up as miserable creatures, full of misery, looking and behaving like paupers, refusing even to spend anything on family and friends despite their enormous fortune – and even on themselves, who manage to hang on to it could hardly be wished for by a sensible person who has realized the future of such avarice.

    When the power of money is ignored, whether out of greed or ignorance of the laws of nature, the money gained either gradually dwindles away – or is accumulated to stagnation in the mind of the one who hoards it, bringing with it all the attendant misery of fear of loss.

    The secret of money mysticism is that the green energy of money moves in a magnetic circle. Let it go, and it follows this invisible circle of pure and powerful energy, unfailingly returning to us multiplied, flowing through us and outward on its circular path – and back again. Over and over again, continuously, without end. We are then the center of this energy, the catalyst for its flow – and it will never stop returning to us, amplified each time. It will only stop when we stop giving. Then the magnetic circuit is short-circuited.

    We have been conditioned and programmed since childhood to be frugal, careful and economical – to be practical and attached to our money. So we have to risk the initial sharp pain of letting go of money and experience ourselves. When the fear of loss is gone and we have thrown back the scales with dominant thoughts of wealth, the magic works. When people begin to understand the great secret of money, they are often frightened by all the negative thoughts they have. They need to know that it is scientifically proven that a positive thought is a hundred times more powerful than a negative thought. This eliminates a certain amount of worry on the spot.

    Wealthy people have always given, and their accumulation never stops. Granted, the motive in most cases has been fiscal advantage. But that is one of the strangest things about the power of money. Its law has nothing to do with motive once the magnetic energy circuit is set in motion – only with the circulation of the money energy circuit back into the universe from which it came. The law is not affected by motives because the act of letting go itself generates so much intense energy that all motives for good are neutralized. An overwhelming and sudden awareness – a knowing – that we are no longer bound by the desperate need to fear and worship money. Everyone understands how exciting it is to synchronize with the harmony of the universe pulsing around us and tune into giving. There is such a wild sense of euphoria that comes when we realize that we are free from the chains that have bound us to money – when we finally understand that the fastest and surest way to get money is to give it.

    After taking care of all our essential needs – then we should give away half of every remaining rupee we earn through work. Within a shockingly short period of time, the money we gave away crazily, naively and extravagantly will not only return to us, but it will return in an increased amount in a completely unexpected way and from a source that is also completely unexpected. The money given will return, not necessarily from the same source from which it was given – rarely from the one to whom we gave it.

    The giving part is an additional amplifier for the continuation of the flow and required by the law of karma for personal happiness, the reward of spiritual enlightenment. Using the money earned to bring benefit to the world while creating a never-ending flow of money is ultimately and inevitably ideal. Free will is a precious gift.


    Religion must be approached with a normal optimistic attitude, or the believer will soon get into serious trouble. Most of the fanaticism, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness so evident among religious adherents are the result of nervous tensions manifesting in the realm of spiritual beliefs

    Religion is extremely dangerous to the neurotic because it directs his neurosis in a particularly pernicious direction. And yet it is the neurotic who is most likely to seek solace in religion.


    The word “lie” is the most telling debunking of truth and sounds like a contradiction, the ultimate non-sequitur. However, the word lie has multi-layered meanings. Some lies arise from deliberate deception. Others arise out of kindness and consideration. Still other “lies” arise out of faith and knowledge.

    For example, anything we can’t see with physical vision – or can’t prove with visible evidence – is considered a lie by some people when we insist to them that it’s there and they can’t see it. After whatever it may be finally manifests itself in the matter of being, the “lie” of which the believer has been accused suddenly becomes … to the truth. The so-called “liar” becomes a prophet.

    If we tell someone to “concentrate his mind on Mooladharam, Swathitanam, Manipooragam, Anadhagam, Visuthi, Akhgna, Sahasraram” – and no realization has yet manifested into “matter visible to the physical eye”, he’ll probably say or secretly believe that we’re lying. The spiritual thing may very well be happily growing within, in the etheric sense, waiting to be ordained to manifest, but until it’s visible or realized to the physical sight, pointing to it and insisting that it’s really there’s defined by everyone as lying.

    There are more interesting insights about what’s constitutes a lie, and as they begin to master them, they’ll discover them for themselves. Spiritual things often set rusty wheels in motion in our brains. Some of them can be frustrating when we first set them in motion because they don’t seem to make a bit of sense. But they shouldn’t be stopped. If we keep turning the spiral, we’ll find that the answer is always logical, even though it may be hidden at first until we get through the meaning. But if we keep thinking about it, we’ll be rewarded for our quiet contemplation with a kind of spiritual elation.

    Faith is a process that will gradually transform invisible ethereal concepts, dreams, ideas and ideals – and beliefs – into visible, dense matter. First comes hope, weak and insignificant. Then comes faith, much stronger. Next comes faith, and we’re almost there! Finally comes knowledge, the real power that makes it happen. So when we’re able to really know a thing, it puts us in the eternal now and we’ve won.

    Through the absolute imaging, ordaining and knowing of the mind, we’ve the power to manifest any kind of miracle – ordaining, imaging, believing, having faith and knowing – in other words, we imprint our image on the ether with such intensity that the image is transformed into physical, dense matter. One way to imprint it on our minds and always remember alchemy is another facet of meditation


    All men are infants, relative to their present state of enlightenment. But all infants will eventually mature, just as all people will eventually reach spiritual maturity. It’s certain that we’ll all discover more fathoms of peace, wisdom and contentment if we take the necessary steps and observe our thoughts.

    It’s impossible to monitor every thought we’ve – about sixty thousand thoughts a day. Fortunately, there’s an easier way, and that’s our feelings. Our feelings let’s know what we’re thinking. After the mind rejects thoughts, one thought after another as transient and unreal, all that’s left is gnana. It takes a little regular practice, then suddenly we find we can do it, and we’ll feel as if someone has turned on a bright light in a dark room. Then our third dimensional mind can use it to tune into the fourth dimensional cosmic consciousness … which allows us to see the light … to come into harmony with the harmony of the universe.

    When we took our first breath, the more than four crore electric cells in our brain were programmed. This vibrational frequency makes us immune to the electromagnetic vibrations bombarding us from the cosmos, in a pattern commensurate with the positions of the planets and earthly things

    Enlightenment is a form of deprogramming that makes us immune to the control of our destiny by planetary and earthly movements. And we can free ourselves from our inherited patterns, cultural codes and social beliefs and prove once and for all that the power within us is greater than the power in the world.


    The institution of “temple”, which is the most important contribution of the Bhakti movement, played a catalytic role in bringing together all social groups into the realm of spiritual aspiration, progress and liberation.

    The role of the temple in the economic and cultural realm of the time is more significant than in the realm of spirituality.

    Siddha literature is Tāntrian in orientation and includes instructions on how to build temples and consecrate images of the gods, information on pilgrimage sites and the exact ritual or meditative practices to be performed there.

    We should appreciate and encourage the presence of temples built with bricks and mortar, as they are useful for most people to find solace in times of sadness, illness, and grief.

    There are two other temples. The spiritual temple and the flesh temple.

    We should care more about the spirit and less about the fleshly temple or body.

    In the long run, this would be of great benefit to all concerned, including future body temples, which, like all houses, could be greatly improved if designed by enlightened architects working in harmony with the owner and landlord.


    The physical origin of religion is the veneration for age. Those who have lived long have had the most experience. Tradition is the record of the long-lived. In primitive times and among savage peoples not many reached old age, too many dangers stood in the way; therefore most races respected the aged and accorded them dignities and honors equal to gods and spirits. For in the first state of human society those who reached the fullness of years were distinguished by simple thoughtfulness – the survivor was the superior man.


    Water means that everything that moves, as water must, is multi-layered or multi-level, somewhat mysterious and flexible. Our personal mission must be to help other people solve their emotional and psychological problems – sometimes simply by being an understanding, compassionate listener. People are going to dump their problems on us anyway, so we should not expect to get paid or expect anything in return for listening to them, and that’s not a materialistic view, it’s just common sense – because the people who come to us will always get great benefit from it. We are happiest when we help others find the path to self-discovery. Our gentle nature and subtle humor are an asset, an added value. This is how we can demonstrate our rare abilities. All in all, it would be better if we just had an open ear, without expectation and reward, so that it does not burden our consciousness, and what not, let us earn our bread in a field that needs our sensitive perception and uncanny ability to solve problems.

    Spiritual wisdom is the priceless key of those who earnestly desire to help others and achieve personal joy and happiness. The esoteric mysteries that arise from spiritual wisdom must be approached carefully, with reverence and compassion, with a sincere desire to use magic to end the suffering of the world, ease the pain of individuals, and bring happiness to friends and strangers alike.


    Let us not dismiss our daydreams as impotent wishful thinking. Let us listen to them with our inner ear. Let us pursue our daydreams vigorously, intensely, fiercely – courageously, even if it means temporarily foregoing financial security. Our daydreams are our blueprint for success and happiness. We should believe in them. Everything that comes into our lives, we attract into our lives. And it is attracted to the images we have in our minds. It is what we think. Whatever is going on in our mind, we attract it to us. “Each of our thoughts is a real thing – a force.”

    It is the law that governs the entire order in the universe, every moment of our lives, and every single thing we experience in our lives. It does not matter who we are or where we are, the Law of Attraction shapes our entire life experience, and this all-powerful law does so through our thoughts. We are the one who puts the law of attraction into action, and we do it through our thoughts.

    Our job as human beings is to hold on to the thoughts of what we have dreamed, to make it absolutely clear in our minds what we want, and in doing so we begin to invoke one of the greatest laws in the universe, and that is the Law of Attraction. We become what we think about the most, but we also attract what we think about the most.


    Silence is loud until we get used to it. In silence we can hear the sound of our own pulse and heartbeat, the flowing rhythm of our own blood in our veins – and the rhythm of the universe – in our inner ear. When we silence the endless verbal chatter that echoes in our language-filled brains, there is a quieter, more universal way of communicating and knowing waiting to be tapped.


    All great truths are simple. Simplicity, however, is the very quality that makes it so difficult for us to master the ancient wisdoms. As children we grasp them quickly and naturally, until the power of innocence is gradually diluted and eventually destroyed by the process of growth, by the constant conditioning and programming of our minds with untruths. We should apply simple facts to untie the knots of any problem without considering the preconceived notions and past results about the typical problems.

  • FOOD

    What we eat and what we think is who we are. The food we take into our bodies gradually, slowly but surely shapes our thought patterns

    And our thoughts, both conscious and unconscious, have absolute control over the health or lack of health of our bodies.

    It is good to become vegetarian, but the ultimate goal is to become fruitarian and eventually part-time breathtarian, to get our body’s needs from the air we breathe. Achieving this ultimate wellness cannot be accomplished overnight. It takes a few years – and a change in attitude or thought patterns.

    Deciding to become a vegetarian immediately after eating meat for many years can send the body into a state of shock that leads to serious illness, as happens all too often, so people mistakenly believe vegetarianism is bad.

    Before becoming a vegetarian, one must first desire to do so for the right reason – out of genuine compassion for our animals and birds.

    Also, our body can take care of its own needs for blood, tissue, etc. But it needs the cleansing supply of fruit. Fresh air, fruits and vegetables, and plenty of sleep are the conditions for the body to heal itself from disease.


    Plants are living things without nerves and therefore depend on the auxins they produce to achieve growth, phototropism, wilting and the like. They show distinct and sympathetic responses to beneficial or malignant events that take place on living cells of a member of the living community such as animals, humans, and other plants near them – and far away.


    Birds tell grass, plants, trees, and flowers when to grow by producing the sounds necessary for their chemical activity through their song. Birdsong is another proof of the power of sound. In the spring, the chorus of birds can be heard like a thousand symphonies throughout the day, while in the summer months it falls silent except at dawn and twilight. There is a magical reason for this little-known phenomenon of nature. Birdsong creates a certain sound vibration that promotes the growth of the young leaves of trees, plants and flowers, so that in the spring the birdsong is fairly constant throughout the day while the new growth is taking place.

  • FISH

    Fish are an important part of nature’s ecology, performing vital functions during their short lives and providing more than seventy percent of the oxygen that humans breathe.


    Animals are on earth, and nature manifested them here eons and eons ago. They are all matters related to personal enlightenment and esoteric instruction… part of the true story of Genesis. Those who abuse the smaller and more helpless animals have a heavy karma ahead of them, and they richly deserve it.