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Amiable Aid Foundation

The Amiable Aid Foundation has developed an ideal destination for health and wellness tourism in Tamilnadu, the sacred land of the Tamil Siddhars. The campaign is called GITGIOH!

The GITGIOH campaign promotes the health and wellness heritage – in the homeland of the Siddha culture, one of the best traditional healing systems of the world.

GITGIOH defines integrated and lifestyle services that emphasize the pursuit of a more balanced life – for pleasure, leisure, before/after surgical and therapeutic treatments, and measures to increase longevity.

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Have you learned to rejoice in the midst of difficulties and make others happy?

Have you learned to be peaceful in the midst of deep sorrow?

Such a life is a healthy life that is started early and ended wisely.

Health is knowledge, wisdom, insight. Meditation, recreation, socialising, activity to do good to others - these are excellent means of grace for all people with gratitude and fervent devotion. They give health, and health facilitates the fulfilment of many human duties and human graces. Every person can live and get along for a very long time if they eat sensibly, exercise, gets medical help when needed, and are mentally in the best condition.

However, the daily demands of life exceed people's physical and mental capabilities. As a result, most of them spend much of their lives being overly limited and debilitated. This is what happens to people all over the world - and it burdens them with all kinds of worries. There comes a stage in a person's life when he can no longer cope on his own, and he should find a way to deal with it.

Fortunately, there are medicines and methods to cure all diseases caused by a small deviation from the exact way of life. People who pay as much attention to maintaining their health as they do to restoring it can often multiply the sum of their years and live without disease.

In the Amiable Aid Foundation, you will discover the cultivation of the inner life by spiritual means and the cultivation of the outer life by physical means, and so we will see great meaning in caring for you and you will see great meaning in being here.

May those to whom the Tamil siddhars have revealed the importance of health be blessed.

Success stories

The essence of life is to have a variety of experiences. How can such experiences be achieved?

By visiting the hilly forests together with your loved ones
By meeting new people and expanding your circle
By awakening the philanthropist in you to perform selfless service
By finding a new way to create an exciting source of additional income

Azure Resorts

Azure is a nature resorts on top of the forested hills of Aghamalai, surrounded by many places of tranquilly where man does not set foot - where everything you experience becomes your great personal time out.



Milir Kanagam is a wonderful herbal nectar that has the power to repair the human body and thereby prolong human life almost indefinitely. It is prepared according to the ancient wisdom of Siddhars.


Aghamalai Pizhisal

Pizhisal is an ancient Tamil rejuvenation acupuncture massage therapy that can repair age-related molecular and cellular damage and youthfully extend lifespan.


Cosmos Planetarium

A mind-mapping tool for the breath-oriented meditation practise of the Tamil Siddhars, which perceives the systemic and planetary energies in order to become aware of the nature of these radiant and magnetic influences



Poongaviyam is an elderly home run on the basis of Adopted Residential Ministration (ARM). It offers the lifestyle of Tamil Siddhars with a combination of modern facilities and traditional family-oriented values - an ethos that carries over into the lifestyle of the residents.



Care Home for the Intellectually Challenged Children is an extension of Amiable Aid Foundation's ongoing projects to include a vocational training center for people with physical and mental disabilities in Sothupparai, Periyakulam, Theni District.



SAAMARAM is a campaign that aims to plant as many trees as possible. This reforestation program aims to achieve optimal ecological succession in the Aghamalai Hills, enacted and implemented by all Amiable Aid Foundation acquaintances



Academy of Para-sports, Education, Career and Self-advocacy (APECS) - aims to prepare young people with disabilities for PARALYMPIC events and enable them to find suitable employment, with the goal of integrating or reintegrating them into society.

Success stories

Accomplishments of Amiable Aid

The Amiable Aid Foundation maintains specialized resource centers that strive to integrate people with disabilities into society through social, economic, educational and cultural interventions.

In the aftermath of the largest natural disaster, the tsunami in South Asia, Amiable Aid Foundation participated in corpse retrieval, cremating bodies, rescuing people in the midst of destruction, providing medical care to survivors, distributing relief supplies, providing trauma care, conducting counseling programs, and rebuilding infrastructure destroyed by the tsunami.

Humanitarian assistance includes a foster home for tsunami orphans, capacity-building initiatives for tsunami widows, and vocational training for the disabled – apart from regular programs for children with intellectual challenges.



AMUNITE was created by the Amiable Aid Foundation to build a network of like-minded members who value the Foundation's mission and vision, and to provide a social framework for members and their families to support each other and contribute to the community.



AMPHICAP is a social investment model developed by the Amiable Aid Foundation. At the heart of this funding model is 'Venture Philanthropy', which targets private donors and the corporate sector by issuing charitable bonds to fund Amiable Aid Foundation's social projects in the Aghamalai Hills.



Amiable Donor-directed revenue : ADORE - is a simple, flexible, and tax-advantaged automated vehicle for expanding donations/assets designated solely to support the Amiable Aid Foundation. It is typically used by the relatives of beneficiaries who have received benefits and by habitual philanthropists.



At Amiable Aid Foundation, our passion is to serve the community. Everyone who supports our passion is God-given. We treat them the way we would treat God. Long before they get involved, we have already planned how we can give back and improve the lives of donors/ investors.


  • Impeccable methods, applied with clinical precision
  • The self-healing powers get enhanced
  • Boosts the vitality and physiological balance of the body