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Our Vision


OUR ROLE is to guide, help, direct, coordinate, strengthen, and reshape the activities that defend the welfare of the persons with physical and intellectual challenge.


OUR VISION is to create a world in which people with advanced age, challenged physique and underdeveloped intellect lead their lives with respect and dignity.


OUR MISSION is that through constant professional endeavors the persons with physical and intellectual challenge to access rehabilitation interventions viz., communication, self-care, home living, social skills, community use, self direction, health and safety, functional academics, vocation and leisure.


Our values anchored in non-material values such as living in harmony with nature, social equality, oneness of Universe and the quest for higher levels of being


OUR MORAL POLICY: The purpose of development goes beyond merely increasing income or building assets. It is to enable people to critically understand their condition and their predicament, to identify needs and prioritize them, to evolve methods of resolving their needs and problems, to mobilize resources, to learn from experience and to do this entirely in self – reliant manner.


OUR INSPIRATION: “If we have chosen a work in which we can accomplish the most for mankind then no burden can bow us, because they are only sacrifices for everyone; then we enjoy no poor, limited egoistic joy; for our happiness belong to all, our deeds live on working eternally, and our ashes are watered by the hot tears of noble human beings”


OUR DOCTRINES: Within the meaning and spirit of some doctrines AMIABLE AID is functioning, which found to be deeply insightful. They will equally helpful to persons crossing it.

AMIABLE AID believes that any kind of doctrines followed by an institution implies an obligation to exchange with all acquaintances, in the interest of hastening harmony with them. While it come into terms with common interests between AMIABLE AID and its acquaintance, these doctrines are important to adhere with.

However, AMIABLE AID do not ask – nor do it even expect – any of the persons who get acquaintance, or deriving service from AMIABLE AID to regard its doctrines as their truth – in their private life - unless they should happen to agree with their own personal enlightenment and private convictions.

Our Worldly mission: It's our job to go with the flow inside of the Universe, and to celebrate it inside the world that exists. It's not our job to change the world, or the people around us. Our Creator manifests this world’s spirit’s in His own image. Our Creator’s love for the world will allow it to survive as it does for the whole earth. The world doesn’t need to be saved by any other force. Nature Herself is fully capable of solving her own problems, without man’s “helpfulness”

Animals: Animals are on earth from eons upon eons ago to manifest the real meaning of genesis. They are all matters relating to a personal enlightenment and esoteric instruction… part of the true story of Genesis. Those who abuse the smaller and more helpless animals have heavy-heavy Karma ahead, and they richly deserve it.

Birds: Birds tell the grass, plants, trees and flowers when to grow, by setting up the sounds necessary to their chemical activity by singing. More evidence of the power of sound is birdsong. It can be noticed the chorus of birdsong, like thousand symphonies, all day long in the spring, and ceases during the summer months, except at dawn and twilight. There is a magical reason for this little known phenomenon of Nature. The singing of birds sets up a particular sound vibration that promotes the growth of the young leaves of trees, plants and flowers, so the birdsong is fairly constant all day in the spring, while the new growth is occurring.

Fish: Fish are an important part of Nature’s ecology, they perform vital functions during their brief lifespan… which provides more than seventy percent of oxygen human breathe.

Plants: Plants are creatures without nerves, and are therefore dependent on the auxins they manufacture to achieve growth, phototropism and wilting and such. They exhibit definite and sympathetic responses to the beneficent or malevolent events occurring to living cells of any member of the living community such as animals, humans and other plants in their vicinity – and at a distance.

Food: What we eat and what we think is what we are. The food taken into our body is what gradually… slowly but surely … forms our thought patterns. And our thoughts, both conscious and sub conscious, are in absolute control of our body’s health or lack of it. It’s good to become vegetarian, but the ultimate goal is to become fruitarian … and eventually a part-time breathtarian, gaining our body needs from the very air we breathe.Reaching that ultimate in well-being cannot be accomplished overnight. It takes some years – and change of attitude or thought patterns. Deciding to become an instant vegetarian, after eating many years of fleshes, can shock the body into severe illness, as happens only too often, causing people to mistakenly believe that vegetarianism is bad. Before becoming a vegetarian, it is first necessary to desire to do so for the correct reason – a genuine compassion for our animals and birds.

Our body can take care of its own needs involving blood, tissue, and so forth. But it needs the cleansing fruit supplies. Fresh air, fruit and vegetables, and a lot of sleep are the requirements for the body to heal itself of illness.

Health: Our flesh body doesn’t have the power to destroy itself. It is only Mental Gravity, used in its reverse direction, that has the power – and we control our mental Gravity with our Mind. Our mind survives the death of our body, whether we want to believe it or not. Not believing in Universal Law hasn’t yet stopped it from working. Our body is really the product of our thoughts. The more than forty two billion electric cells in our brain have a power immeasurably stronger than Physical Gravity, when they are controlled and guided by our Mind. The physical gravity is a lightweight, compared to the power of Mental Gravity. Every physical illness, without a single exception, is the result of the initial cause of certain mental and emotional attitudes.

The emotional seeding that causes arthritis is resentment, bitterness, and frustration held inside, controlled – and not allowed to express itself outwardly.

Heart disease and heart attacks are caused by the lonely longing resulting from not being loved, the inability to give or return love – or the inability to love one’s self. The emotion of love and the human organ of the heart are inseparable.

Anger is deadly and swift in its effect. When we become really violently angry with someone – or about something, whether or not justified, and whether or not it’s held in or allowed to spill out – it nevertheless create bile. The result is excruciatingly painful gallbladder attack and the manifestation of gallstones. It is a dreadful and painful price to pay for anger.

Forgiveness is as practical as it is spiritual, since it not only strengthens the soul, it keeps the body healthy.

Work ethics: Since it involves more than a third of our time – to learn how to improve our financial affairs, since certain amount of financial security is necessary to free the mind to fly into higher realms – and to consider our health, because, of course, our physical well being taking priority over everything, - we must first follow the right paths to contentment and happiness in our work. Without basic needs of the body and the mind, the spirit is not in the mood to contemplate the deeper waters of spirituality.

There are millions upon millions of men and women who are discontented, depressed, unhappy, whose talents, daydreams and abilities mismatched with the way they earn their daily bread. Not everyone is destined or designed to be a leader. The ordinary happiness and love we will experience and project as we become an immortal of equal value to the rescue of any situation during the troubled times.

There is no use making a list of specific professions that suits someone. Because that doesn’t matter in itself. Any occupation that allows us to demonstrate our rare capacity for listening sympathetically and nurtures our imagination will bring us self-fulfillment. Persons around us sense immediately that we truly care about them, and our very presence has a healing effect, wherever we labor with love. Being completely happy with and challenged by our work is one of the surest ways to make our dreams come true.

The splendid and awesome vocabulary of Shakespeare extended to 29060 words in his entire works. Yet forty eight of them comprise fully forty percent of the text of all his plays. That is, forty eight of the poor overworked words performing nearly fifty percent of a task that employs 29060 workers. This seems to be aroused our sympathy for those forty eight wretched words. But they should be thought of as blessed, not cursed. Many are called but few are chosen. There is always a compensation for every apparent “curse”, ready to turn into blessing.

Simplicity: All great truths are simple. However, simplicity is the very quality that causes ancient wisdom to be so difficult for us to master. When we were children we grasp it quickly and naturally, until the power of innocence is gradually diluted and finally destroyed by the growing process, through the constant conditioning and programming of our minds with falsehood. We should apply simple facts to un-tie the knots of any problem, without taking into account of the pre-conceived notions and past result about the typical problems.

Silence: Silence is noisy until we become accustomed to it. In silence we can hear the sound of our own pulse and heartbeat, the flowing rhythms of our own blood in our veins, - and the rhythm of the Universe - in the inner ear. When we quiet the endless verbal chatter echoing through our language-filled brains, there is a quieter, more universal mode of communication and knowing waiting to be tapped.

Helping others: Water translates into anything that definitely moves around, as water must do, is many layered or multi-leveled, somewhat mysterious and flexible. Our personal mission must be to help other people solve their emotional and psychological problems – sometimes simply by being an understanding, compassionate listener. People are going to be dumping their problems on us anyway, so we should not expect to be paid or expect anything for listening to them, and that’s not a materialistic view just sensible – because people who come to us will never fail to be greatly benefited. We are happiest when we are helping others find the way to self-discovery. Exhibiting our gentle manner and subtle humor are an asset, value added. This allows us to demonstrate our rare capacities. All things considered, it would be better off to just give our listening ear without expectation and reward, so it doesn’t trouble our conscious, and, what not, let us earn our bread in some field that needs our sensitive perception and uncanny ability to solve problems.

Spiritual wisdom is the priceless key of those who earnestly desire to help others, as well as to attain personal joy and happiness. The esoteric mysteries resulting from spiritual wisdom must be approached cautiously, with reverence and compassion, with a genuine desire to use the magic to end world’s suffering, to relieve the pain of individuals and to bring happiness to friends and strangers alike.

Dreams: We should not discard our daydreams as impotent wishful thinking. Let us listen to them with our inner ear. Let us follow our daydreams energetically, intensely, fiercely – courageously, even when it means temporarily sacrificing financial security. Our daydreams are our blueprint for success and happiness. We should believe in them. Everything that's coming into our life we are attracting into our life. And it's attracted to us by virtue of the images we're holding in our mind. It's what we're thinking. Whatever is going on in our mind we are attracting to us. "Every thought of ours is a real thing—a force."

It is the law that determines the complete order in the Universe, every moment of our life, and every single thing we experience in our life. It doesn't matter who we are or where we are, the law of attraction is forming our entire life experience, and this all powerful law is doing that through our thoughts. We are the one who calls the law of attraction into action, and we do it through our thoughts.

Our job as humans is to hold on to the thoughts of what we dreamed, make it absolutely clear in our minds what we want, and from that we start to invoke one of the greatest laws in the Universe, and that's the law of attraction. We become what we think about most but we also attract what we think about most.

Money philosophy: Money is more than just paper and coin. As a medium of exchange among people all over the world, it possesses an un-guessed power of its own, and when the secret of that power is recognized and put into use, money will multiply in several amazing ways. We need the green energy of money to make a difference in time. Because money and success – an association difficult to separate in our mundane world.

There have been only a few who set out to accumulate wealth, with money being the sole motive, who have succeeded in permanently achieving the goal. Most fail dismally, without ever coming close to their images. The large majority of the remaining, who temporarily appear to have succeeded, aren’t able to retain their wealth. Because it does not bring them a trace of genuine happiness, inevitably their inner depression causes them to make some miscalculated move that eventually results in the loss of their wealth in various ways. Those rare few who don’t fail to accumulate, and who don’t experience the misfortune of losing their wealth, end up as pathetic creatures, full of abject misery, looking and behaving like poor, who, regardless of their enormous fortune, even refused to spend for family and friends, - and for their own self too, who manage to hang on to it could hardly be the desire of any sane person who perceived the future of such avarice.

When the power of money is ignored, whether through greed or through ignorance of the nature’s Law, the money gained either gradually dwindles away – or is accumulated to the level of stagnation within the spirit of the one who hoards it, bringing all of the accompanying miseries of the fear of loss.

The secret of money mystique is that the green energy of money travels in a magnetic circle. Let go of it, and it follows that invisible circle of pure and powerful energy, infallibly returning to us multiplied, flowing through us and outward in its circular path- and back again. Over and over, continuously, without end. We will have become, then, the center for this energy, the catalyst for its flow – and it will never stop returning to us, each time increased. It will cease only when we cease to give. Then the magnetic circle is short-circuited.

We have been conditioned and programmed since childhood to be frugal, cautious and economical – to be practical and hang on our money. So we must risk the initial sharp pain of letting go money, and experience ourselves. When the fear of loss disappeared, and we tipped the scales back with dominant thoughts of wealth, the magic works. Oftentimes when people begin to understand the Great Secret about money, they become frightened of all the negative thoughts that they have. They need to be aware that it has been scientifically proven that an affirmative thought is hundreds of times more powerful than a negative thought. That eliminates a degree of worry right there.

Wealthy people have always given and their accumulation never stops. Granted, the motive has, for the most part, been one concerned with Tax advantage. But that is one of the strangest things about the money power. It’s law are not concerned with motive once the magnetic energy circle has been spun into motion – only with the circulation of money energy circle back into Universe from where it come. The law is not affected by motive because the very act of letting go itself creates so much intense energy it neutralizes all motives into good. An overwhelming and sudden awareness – a knowing – that we are no longer tied to the desperate need to fear and worship money. Everyone understands how exciting it is to synchronize ourselves with the harmony of the Universe pulsating around us, and tune into giving. There is such a wild sense of euphoria that comes when we realize we are free of the chains that bound us to money – when we finally comprehend that the swiftest and surest way to get money is to give it.

After we have taken care of all our essential needs of living – then let us give away half of every remaining rupees we earn through working. Within a shockingly brief period of time the money we crazily, naively and extravagantly gave away will not only return to us, it will return in an increased amount in a completely unexpected manner, from a likewise completely unexpected source. The given money will return, not necessarily from the same source where it was given – rarely from the one to whom did we give.

The giving part is an additional booster to the continuation of the flow and required by Law of Karma for personal happiness, the reward of spiritual enlightenment. To use the money earned to be brought benefit to the world, while simultaneously producing a never ending flow of money, is eventually and inevitably ideal. Free will is precious gift.

Our Guru: All spiritual and material things are inside us. We do know - everything there is to know, written indelibly upon the ethers, we can read it. We have only forgotten now. To remember what we already know but have forgotten, we need some practice. Every action ever taken, every word ever spoken – remains – on a higher frequency vibration – and may be magnetized back into conscious awareness under certain conditions.

When genuine desire stems from the heart and the spirit, when it is pure and intense, possesses awesome electromagnetic energy. Released into the ethers each night as the mind falls into the sleep state… and each morning as it returns to the conscious state … it will surely and certainly manifest that which has been desired. It is our teachings. It is our self-taught knowledge. In turn, we are our own Guru.

The guidance for refining ourselves from being ordinary person to becoming higher frequency soul will not be guided from other world, but by quite tangible flesh-and-blood people around us, or from very strangers. They will disguise as ordinary humans, albeit the awesome magic they will demonstrate to us at times simply through an un-guessed wise manner of setting examples we will slowly but finally comprehend.

Getting the borrowed spiritual knowledge by following deceptive detour means the risk become loosing the higher price of stilling the always wise voice of our own personal Self – our own intuition… becoming taught from within.

The oneness of the Universe: Our hand looks solid, but it's really not. If we put it under a proper microscope, we'd see a mass of energy vibrating. Everything is made up of the exact same thing, whether it's our hand, animal, fish, plants the ocean, or a star. We're all connected. We just don't see it. There isn't an "out there" and an "in here". Everything in the Universe is connected. It is just one energy field.

All species ranging from amoeba to big animals respond to distress signals issued in response to life threats against the cells of any member of the living community. Signals from the dying cells to the drying blood of an accidentally cut finger is an evidence. Likewise the same species respond to the love and affection shown upon them. Plants absorb all manners of things in the emotional aura of humans who approach them. Birds tell the grass, plants, trees and flowers when to grow by setting up the sounds necessary to their chemical activity by singing. Every living being of the world is respected for its own sake. There is no living being that is object and absolutely useless, even if we have not yet known its utility to the universe. Staggering it may be to contemplate, there is a life force connecting all of creation. We can not touch a flower without tremble the star above. This basic concept is the driving force for every activities of AMIABLE AID.

Creator: We're not a finite body. We're an energy field. Energy creates the world. Energy is objective form and the creative force behind every manifestation, not only of atoms, but of worlds, of the Universe, of everything of which the imagination can form any conception, it can never be created or destroyed, it always was, always has been, everything that ever existed always exists, it's moving into form, through form and out of form.

The Universe essentially emerges from thought and all of this matter around us is just precipitated thought. Ultimately toe are the source of the Universe, and when we understand that power directly by experience, we can start to exercise our authority and begin to achieve more and more. Create anything. Know anything from within the field of our own consciousness, which ultimately is Universal consciousness that runs the Universe. So depending upon how we use that power, positively or negatively, that's the kind of body in terms of health, that's the kind of environment we create. So we are the creators, not only of our own destiny, but ultimately we are the creators of Universal destiny. We are the creators of the Universe.

So there's no limit, really, to human potential. It's the degree to which we recognize those deep dynamics and exercise them, the degree to which we harness our power. And that really we are God in a physical body. We are Spirit in the flesh. We are Eternal Life expressing itself as we. We are a cosmic being. We are all power. We are all wisdom. We are all intelligence. We are perfection. We are magnificence. We are the creator, and we are creating the creation of us on this planet.

Gnana: All humans are infants, relative to their present state of enlightenment. But all infants eventually mature, as will all humans eventually reach spiritual maturity. It is assured that all will discover more fathoms of peace, wisdom, and contentment by taking necessary steps through monitoring our thoughts.

It's impossible to monitor every thought we have - about sixty thousand thoughts a day. Fortunately there's an easier way, and it's our feelings. Our feelings make us know what we're thinking. After the mind rejects thoughts one after another as transient and unreal, that which survives is gnana. It takes a little practice regularly, then all of a sudden we find that we can do it, and we’ll feel as though someone had switched on a bright light in a dark room. Then our third dimensional mind can use it to tune into the fourth dimensional cosmic conscious … allowing us to see the light ... to become in tune with the harmony of the Universe.

When we drew our first breath, at which instant the more than four crore electric cells in our brain were programmed. This vibratory frequency makes us immune to the electromagnetic vibrations bombarding us from the cosmos in a pattern commensurate with the positions of the planets and earthly things. Enlightenment is a form of deprogramming, granting immunity from the control of our destiny by planetary and earthling movement. And we can break ourselves free from our hereditary patterns, cultural codes, social beliefs, and prove once and for all that the power within us is greater than the power within the world.

Temple: We ought to be more concerned with the Spirit, and less concerned with the flesh temple or body. In the long run, it would be greatly beneficial to everyone involved, including future body temples, which, like all houses, would be considerably improved if designed by enlightened architects, working in harmony with the Owner-Landlord.

Spiritual Lies and Truths: The word “lie” is the most meaningful exposure of truth and sounds like a contradiction, the ultimate non sequitur. However, the word lie possesses multi-layered meanings. Some lies are born from deliberate deception. Others are born from kindness and consideration. Still other “lies” are born from faith and knowing.

For instance, anything we can’t see with physical vision – or can’t prove with visible evidence – is considered by some people to be a lie, if we insist to them it’s there and they can’t see it. After whatever it might be finally manifests into matter of being-ness, the “lie” the believer was accused of suddenly … become the truth. The so called “liar” becomes prophet.

If we say to anyone to “focus your mind at the Mooladharam, Swathitanam, Manipooragam, Anadhagam, Visuthi, Akhgna, Sahasraram” – and no realisation has yet manifested into ‘matter’ visible to physical eye sight, he is likely to say, or secretly believe, that we’re lying. The spiritual thing might very well be cheerfully growing inside, in the etheric sense, waiting to be ordained to manifest itself, but as long as it’s not visible or realized to the physical vision, pointing to it an insisting that it’s really there is defined by everyone as telling lie.

There are more interesting insights about what constitutes a lie or does not, as they begin to master, they will discover them for themselves. Spiritual things often start rusty wheels running in our brain. Some of them may be frustrating when we first initiate them, because they don’t seem to make a bit of sense. But it should not be stopped. Keep spiraling, and we’ll find the answer is always logical, even though it may hide at first until we penetrate the meaning. But if we continue to ponder it we’ll be rewarded for our calm contemplation with, a kind of spiritual elation.

Believing is a process that will gradually manifest invisible etheric concepts, dreams, ideas and ideals – and convictions – into visible, dense matter. First comes hope, faint and weak. Then comes belief, much stronger. Next comes faith, and we’re almost there! At last comes knowing, the real power that makes it happen. So, when we’re able to know really know a thing it places us in the eternal now and we’ve won.

Through the absolute imaging, ordaining and knowing of the Mind, we have the power to manifest any kind of miracle – Ordain, Image, Believe, have Faith and Know – in other words, we impress our image upon the ethers with such intensity that the image will be transmuted into physical, dense matter. One way to impress it on our mind and to always remember the alchemy of it is through yet another facet of meditation

Our birthday Cake: The fetus, not yet human, because the breath of life, its first breath, when the water breathing creature becomes an air-breathing creature, is when actual life begins. At the time of our birth a cake was presented by the Nature. It is our first birthday cake in round shape. It’s ingredients consist of all the major and still viable vibrations we have set up around ourselves in this life. The ingredients of the cake been segregated by us as pleasure and pain. Fifty percent of the cake is made up of pleasure. Rest of the fifty percent contains painful things. For a person, according to the percentage of his one pleasure/ pain, the percentage share of other pleasure/ pain contents in his cake adjusts. Each and every person gifted with a unique combination of ingredients in the cake – unique percentage of pain and pleasure. The cake gives us script at our birth, on assignment from us, which in the present life drama, we can either produce it or throw it away.

With the cake, Every man and woman began the long journey together – and each will positively reach the same destination – at an individual time, through an individually chosen method of travel, on an individually selected path, using a likewise individually selected roadmap. We can not rise higher than the highest who is in each of us – nor can we sink lower than the lowest which is in each of us. Everyone is headed toward the same destination, the eventual arrival equally assured for each, regardless of the chosen model of travel.

There are infinite demonstrations of the beautiful synchronicity of Universe, flowing from everyone in every imaginable facet of life. There are discordant patterns, too, but fortunately, the sour notes in the symphony are minor, and more than balanced by the harmonious chords.

After all our activities are of a pre-determined assignment from us to this wonderful Universe. Let us eat our cake with content and satisfaction without any murmuring!