Legal Aspects

Amiable Aid Foundations

Legal Aspects

Our Amiable Aid Foundation is a private non-profit Section 08 company registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. Previously, it operated as a charitable trust. Recently, we converted it into a company so that it can operate as an income-generating entity for social purposes.

Registration U/S 80 G OF INCOME TAX ACT, endows us the provision to gain Tax exemption for the donors / investors

Corporate Registration Certificate for CSR Activities, allows any for-profit company to support our Amiable Aid Foundation and claim authentic use of its funds under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The Amiable Aid Foundation has been registered with the NGO DARPAN which is managed by NITI Aayog since January 1, 2015. NITI Aayog invites all Voluntary Organisations (VOs)/Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to register on the portal. VOs/NGOs play an important role in the development of the nation by complementing the government’s efforts. This portal allows VOs/NGOs to register centrally, facilitating the creation of a collection of information on VOs/NGOs by sector/state. The portal facilitates VOs/NGOs to receive a system-generated unique ID once signed. The unique ID is mandatory for applying for grants under various programmes of ministries/departments/government agencies.

With the valid TAN number, Amiable Aid Foundation is authorised to hire employees and register our organisation with Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPF Organisation) to initiate labour welfare activities such as pension benefits, health insurance for self and family members, provide educational scholarships for children from our generated fund and duly apply for tax exemption for the work related expenses of our organisation.

Amiable Aid Foundarion – Registered as Sec 08, non-profit company

Our Amiable Aid Foundation is strongly supported by the Alumni Association of the Institute of Road and Transport Technology, currently Government University of Engineering, Erode

Various steering committees have been formed, composed of distinguished alumni and other professionals who have expertise in their respective fields.

Our steering committee is an advisory group that makes directional decisions on various projects of AMIABLE AID such as IC-CARE, SAAMARAM, MILIRKANAGAM, POONGAVIYAM, CASMOS PLANETARIUM, HYPER LIBRARY, SEPPADU VIDDHAI and APECS

This committee decides the priorities or order of activities of AMIABLE AID FOUNDATION and controls the general flow of activities.

Members provide direct support to project leaders working on the strategic direction of the organization.

In practice, steering committees also have the following responsibilities:

  • Act as advocates for initiatives and projects within the Amiable Aid Foundation
  • Determine the strategic direction of projects
  • Advise or directly contribute to budgeting, including assets (e.g., people), money, facilities, time, recruitment, and marketing
  • Establishing project goals and scope and determining how success will be measured
  • Evaluating and approving or disapproving project plans and changes to project plans
  • Selecting project managers and experts to support projects
  • Prioritizing and reprioritizing project deliverables.