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Gratitude AAF

The supporters are the most valuable asset of amiableAID FOUNDATION Without their support, amiableAID FOUNDATION would not able to run the care home and provide day-to-day support to families whose member affected by Physical and intellectual challenge, funds for medical and research programmes, educational events, general operating costs as well as promote disability awareness. These events are critical, grass-root venue for community involvement, the results of which are valuable to those who attend, organize, contribute and are engaged in. amiableAID FOUNDATION feels grateful and thankful for donor’s generosity of time, talents and resources.

AmiableAID FOUNDATION acknowledges and greatly appreciates the selfless contributions of the thousands of members, volunteers and participants who generously and compassionately support the programmes. AmiableAID FOUNDATION desires to maintain the highest level of integrity in its fund raising efforts. amiableAID FOUNDATION counts on you to abide by the policies and regulations in place and look forward to working with you and welcome any questions you may have regarding anything and everything including fund raising. Thank you.