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Membership Drive

Scope of Membership drive

AMIABLE AID has an objective and a fire in it to do something that will make a difference in the lives of Physically Challenged and intellectually challenged persons. It put in a lot of thinking, pool up like-minded people, drawn a plan of action and implementing it.

In fact, the whole process of starting AMIABLE AID at the initial stage have been natural and evolutionary and the result of sudden or abrupt changes in many lives that have set times for crossing each stage.

Over the period of time, when people observe our high-level motivation and performance, they expect more work in terms of amount and nature than what our peers normally handle. Initially we see it as an opportunity to redefine our best performance and expand our skill set. But within no time we realize the extra hour and multitasking it entails. We begin to work harder for lesser output.

Considering the circumstances and the situation that we are all placed in, we feel, the help and guidance resourced through our limited circle will gradually be getting saturated over time - consequently the impact of the effect will be below the expectation of the visionary. AMIABLE AID feels ‘attaining goals does not make sense if it is not done within a time limit and in a particular way’. All we need is, to be better armed with the right strategy resourcing through more people. Considering this need – we have proposed to build a network of like minded people as members who value the mission and vision of amiableAID FOUNDATION.

Members will be an integral component necessary for the success of AMIABLE AID. They will be actively recruited from throughout the global community, and will include all age levels and abilities. They will be utilized in nearly every aspect of the AMIABLE AID.


In AMIABLE AID, membership option opens to all persons in all walks of life. However, a member will be one for whom disability is a special cause. Prospective members may very well have experience interacting with disabled individuals within their own lives. A member must have adequate resources, solid stature within his community and a willingness to work with AMIABLE AID into the future. They must spend as much through their time and energy as through their wallet. An outside Board of directors will be assembled, including highly qualified individuals from throughout the members. This Board will consist of experts in the health care, nursing care, legal aspects, financial planning, as well as donors, family members of disabled people, and other respected members of the society. Given the importance of these members it is crucial to gather not just people, but the right people.


AMIABLE AID provide a social framework for members and their families to support each other and contribute to the wider disabled community as well. Exclusive benefits AMIABLE AID confer on its members are:

  • Members having equivalent opportunity for a say in the organisation
  • Members having potentially equivalent benefits
  • Aid would go to those in need among the members and wider community as well
  • Educating others about AMIABLE AID’S group interest
  • Preserving cultural traditions
  • Mutual defense

The group process contains the secret of collective life, it is AMIABLE AID’s prime hope for the social life of the future. The purpose is to help members who need each other to improve their social adjustment and also to help AMIABLE AID achieves its vision. AMIABLE AID provides a concrete hospitable platform to those tasks. Members represent a broad domain of social work practice. Therefore, this system has structure, stability, interaction, reciprocity, interdependence and group bond. To qualify as a member of AMIABLE AID four conditions must be met:

i. the member should focus attention on helping the other members become a system of mutual aid;

ii. the member must understand the role of the group process itself as the primary force responsible for individual and collective change;

iii. the member seeks to enhance group autonomy;

iv. the member helps the group members experience their groupness upon termination.


The ultimate value is that members have opportunities to realize their potential for living in ways that are both personally satisfying and socially desirable. Guiding values cast members in AMIABLE AID as responsible for and to one another. As integral to AMIABLE AID’s mission, the guiding values of members are:

1. Members are of inherent worth;
2. Members are mutually responsible for each other; and
3. Members have the fundamental right to experience a feel of well being brought about by AMIABLE AID that support their fulfillment


As members become involved with one another, they develop helping relationships and become invested in each other and in participating in the group. The mutual aid processes that unfold help members to ‘experience their concerns and life issues as universal’ to ‘reduce isolation and stigma’ to ‘offer and receive help from each other’ and to ‘learn from each other’s views, suggestions and challenges’.

Mutual aid is as an exchange of help wherein the member is both the provider as well as the recipient of help in service of achieving common group and individual goals. The rationale for cultivating mutual aid in the group encounter is premised on mutual aid's resonance with guiding values and the propositions such as 1) members have strengths, opinions, perspectives, information, and experiences that can be drawn upon to help others in the group; 2) helping others helps the helper, and 3) some types of help are better received when emanating from a peer.

Mutual aid is not simply the exchange of support. It is multidimensional with at least 10 types of processes or activities that occur amongst and between members, including: sharing data, the dialectic process, discussion of taboo topics, the all in the same boat phenomenon, developing a universal perspective, mutual support, mutual demand, rehearsal of new skills, individual problem solving, and the strengths in numbers phenomenon.

The fact is that this is a helping system in which members need each other as well as the entire disabled community. This need to use each other, to create not one but many helping relationships, is a vital ingredient of this membership drive and constitutes a need over and above the specific tasks of attaining the vision of AMIABLE AID for which the group being formed.

This membership drive is based on the belief that the group is closed with unchanging membership. However, the impact of open membership is likely to result in a more cyclical pattern of group development with regression occurring when members enter and/or leave the group. When membership is open but the group is of a long duration a core group of members is likely to emerge. When this occurs the core group assumes responsibilities for indoctrinating new members.


The physical condition of the human race in this country was imperfect and unfavorable and that there were born to this generation, and expected to be born in the next. Children with imperfect physical conditions are numerous enough to form a persistent class. Those children of this class were not only loved and cherished by their parents and kindred, but also cared for by the larger kind hearted public who are even no way related to them.

Persons marked by disability depend more than ordinary persons do for their happiness and for their support upon the ties of kindred, of friendship and of neighborhood. All these therefore, ought to be nourished and strengthened by popular support of kind hearted people.

God’ Haven – in which all shall live contently. The innocent ones with severe disabilities groomed with the spirit of a progressive age in noble institutions. These noble institutions are sacred to the restoration of fallen humanity, which are being sustained by an abounding popular support of many noble hearts. These noble hearts restoring the humanity are supplementing the work of the CREATOR of Havens.

Nature is “round” and we must build human society in the same round form as well. It will bring benefit to everyone and will lead us to a good state that is comfortable and balanced in all areas.

If we are united, nature will cooperate with us in everything: education, culture, everyday life, home life and family, ecology, our relation to nature and its response to us, and in general in all of our activities.

Nature shows itself as an integral network and we must able to demonstrate this same unity.

Let us join together with a feel of “we are all in this together” to create a world in which people with advanced age, challenged physique and underdeveloped intellect lead their lives with respect and dignity.