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Manekshaw Thandapani T
Founder | Amiable Aid Foundation

GIve The GIft Of Health: GITGIOH

Dr. Maneksha is the founder and CEO of Amiable Aid Foundation | He is a dynamic officer of State Bank of India | He is the author of two bestselling spiritual books, Seppadu Viddhai 1 & 2 | He has coordinated two Guinness World Record events | He has successfully convened a national level exhibition, GRAND EXPO 2K3 | He has received the National Youth Award from the President of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul kalam in 2007 | He received the National Award from the President of India Shri Ram Nath Govind in 2021 | He was awarded the Scroll of Honour | He was honoured by the State Bank of India with two Bountiful trees at Tree For Farmers, Harda, Madhya pradesh, India | He is the Guest of Honour of Campofez'22 | His projects: ⬧ AMIABLE AID FOUNDATION instinctively distinctive ⬧ IC-CARE care home for intellectually challenged ⬧ POONGAVIYAM concierge care for elderly ⬧ AZURE RESORTS – living amidst woody hills ⬧ MILIRKANAGAM Managing Ageless ⬧ AGAMALAI PIZHISAL – rejuvenation with herbs ⬧ HYPER LIBRARY – anciant Tamil books and palm leaf manuscripts online ⬧ CASMOS PLANETARIUM – planetary peeping & valley viewing ⬧ SAAMARAM – best ecological succession ⬧ APECS – Academy of Para-sport, Education, career and self-help ⬧ செப்படு வித்தை (சீர்மேவும் நுண்மொழி) (It is a Tamil book) | He has the hereditary family profession of traditional Siddha medicine preparation and astrological prediction practises. | He has a doctorate in naturopathy and alternative Indian medicine. | He is an excellent speaker and has a solid work history spanning a variety of different environments | He has excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to relate effectively to a variety of people at all intellectual levels | He holds degree in civil and transportation Engineering | He has experience in banking, engineering, computer skills, customer service, administration, writing, public speaking, relationship management, and community service | He is a devoted disciple of Paranjothi Maharishi | Under the guidance of his nomadic guru, he has attained unwavering spiritual acumen and abstinence | He practises the Vaashi Yoga of the Swami Sivanandhar lineage | He is a mendicant and used to wander in Vashista Gufa, Rishikesh | He was born with multiple disabilities – visually impaired and orthopedically challenged.

Manekshaw Says...

“Since my earliest school days, I have been interested in serving society because I am benefiting from a warm, caring, supportive and inspiring society that has provided me with a solid education and opportunities for personal growth. This strong sense of responsibility has stayed with me into adulthood, and I now recognize the importance of such ideas and principles. My goal, therefore, is to continue to develop this approach to life and to share it with others in everything I do. In terms of my work, this means motivating and encouraging others through my own positive example and doing my best in everything. I hope to inspire a creative and positive approach to the various problems that are part of everyone’s life.”