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AMIABLE AID FOUNDATION was started by Mr. T. Manekshaw. Despite being a physically challenged and visually impaired person, with indefatigable spirit, he remains moving force to lead his organisation to the service of excellence. The society, philanthropists and well wishers are joining this experiment in welfare coordination. He took the mission on his shoulders to bring it upto a level of competence. Through its path AMIABLE AID won many awards, recognition and accolades from great institutions and fellow humans. The highest civilian Award conferred to youth by the Government of India in recognition of the outstanding voluntary works rendered in the field of National development and social service is National Youth Award. Mr. T. Manekshaw received this award from His Excellency the President of India (2002 - 2007) Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Despite himself being a victim of tsunami, the stupendous and un-matching rescue and rehabilitation works earned him this Award. He is a recipient of SCROLL OF HONOUR from the Department of Rehabilitation for the Disabled. For his untiring natural inclination towards the welfare of the persons with mental challenge brought him this award. He coordinated Guinness world record event of planting 2 54 464 saplings in 24 Hours on 1St – 2nd October 2005. This record was attempted in memorial of South-Asian tsunami victims worldwide and initiated with environmental conscious with a love for trees. Mr. Manekshaw is working at State Bank of India. The team members spearheaded by Mr. Manekshaw have had extensive knowledge in Financial Management, Asset and Liability matching, Financial planning, Portfolio Management etc., Those expertise equip them to managing human resource and designing financial products for the betterment of humanity worldwide. Mr. T. Manekshaw has started his spiritual pursuit from the disciple of Pathanjali Maharishi and got the spiritual initiation on Vaashi yoga from Swami Sivananda Ashram, Kerala, India. He is spreading the message of world peace, harmony and oneness of Universe.

Manekshaw says…
I share my story hoping to encourage, inspire, and offer advice to help my friends achieve goals and take charge of their lives despite many hurdles


Since my earliest school days I have been interested in serving the society, because being an orthopaedically challenged and visually impaired person, I am benefiting from a warm, caring, supporting and inspirational society around me, which has provided me with a sound education and opportunities for personal growth. This strong sense of responsibility has stayed with me into adult life, and I now find myself realizing the importance of such ideas and principles. My aim therefore to develop this approach to life and to share it with others through everything I do. In terms of work, this means motivating and encouraging others by my own positive example, doing my best in everything. I hope to inspire a creative and positive way of dealing with the various problems that are a part of everyone’s lives.

SERVicE to mankind
We start on the path out of a personal desire to have a better life, to get out of suffering and to experience more happiness. To achieve this, we practice meditation and other spiritual disciplines. As a result, we enjoy greater peace of mind and greater fulfillment.

However, at a certain point, if we don't go beyond self-interest of seeking our own happiness and grow into an awareness of the need to serve others, our development usually stagnates and stalls. It is impossible to enjoy our happiness and remain indifferent to suffering in the world. The key to maintain progress is selfless SERVicE.

Selfless SERVicE is an ancient tradition, practiced for thousands of years. We can be of SERVicE in many ways. Just offering a smile to those we encounter in life is a form of selfless giving. Every useful word we speak can be a form of SERVicE In turn, we are giving our energy. Helping people in need places us in correct relationship with the world and to Creator. We end up benefiting the most from the SERVicE we perform. It works by getting us out of our ego and by freeing us from focusing on our selfish interests. Divine law is “Give and you shall receive”.

The SERVicE can never be forced. The SERVicE comes from an open heart. It is an expression of generosity, respect and love of Creator and for our fellow human beings. All the best things that have come to us in this lifetime have undoubtedly been the result of SERVicE to others. The more SERVicE we did, the less selfish we became, and, as a result, happier we became. Because when we perform SERVicE, it connects us with - Divine Love. There is a flow of energy that occurs. By opening our heart in SERVicE to the world, the love that motivates other’s life, flows through us, purifies us, empowers us, and protects us. This is why SERVicE can't be forced. It has to come from an open heart, full of love, gratitude, and respect.

"Selfless giving is the greatest secret of life". True SERVicE can never be a means to strengthening one's ego. If we are doing SERVicE with the motivation to demonstrate how great we are, it isn't really a SERVicE. Selfless giving is SERVicE. It develops humility, not an inflated ego.

No form of SERVicE is better than any other. In our life, we might have performed many types of SERVicE, from extremely menial tasks to very glamorous projects. No matter how important the SERVicE may be, it's important to stay humble and to realize that someone else could be doing the same job. If we're asked by someone to be of SERVicE in a way that seems important and if we boast of that SERVicE, we've lost the correct attitude.

To thank the Creator for the opportunity to be of SERVicE and then attempt to do whatever is required to the best of our ability, free of attachment or pride is the right attitude. The Creator gives unconditional love and assistance all the time. To be given the opportunity to do any type of SERVicE is a blessing.

Selfless giving is indeed the greatest secret of life.

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