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Feed A Need

Feed A Need

  • Are you looking at getting out of a bored mundane existence and explore uncharted territory?
  • Do you wish to create something unique?
  • Do you want your life to be about transforming lives? And do you want a great sense of happiness and satisfaction in doing so?

If you answered YES to all of the above and have experience in the online and digital domain, you are most likely to be the right fit for an opportunity which has the potential of transforming into online volunteers of AMIABLE AID.

So if you have always wanted to work in a high-growth team learning and unlearning every single day, if you have boundless energy to try multiple tasks and fail and believe the Internet can change the world, AMIABLE AID is the place for you.

To succeed in this role, you will need a high level of enthusiasm and energy and an ability to work at flexible times. You will be successful if you show a high degree of execution focus and take ideas from concept to planning to execution in the shortest possible time. The role requires working towards deadlines with a great deal of target orientation. We understand that this may be more than what you would face at other organizations but we also want you to succeed if you do decide to join us.

AMIABLE AID’s On-line volunteers
AMIABLE AID collaborates with online volunteers over the Internet to strengthen the impact of its humanitarian work for the welfare of the children with mental challenge.

AMIABLE AID invites volunteers to provide their support: professionals, students, retirees and expatriates from across the globe volunteer their skills online to help AMIABLE AID address development challenges.

AMIABLE AID FOUNDATION is Non Profit Organisation strives to ensure its welfare measures to reach thousands of needy intellectually challenged people and their families. AMIABLE AID striving to institute chain of residential care homes, hospitals and resource centers at various geographical locations worldwide through established local organizations.

The whole process of starting AMIABLE AID at the initial stage have been natural and evolutionary and the result of sudden or abrupt changes in many lives that have set times for crossing each stage. Over the period of time, when people observe our high-level motivation and performance, they expect more work in terms of amount and nature than what our peers normally handle. Initially we see it as an opportunity to redefine our best performance and expand our skill set. For all these, we need to be better armed with the right strategy resourcing through more people.

Recruitment of Volunteers
AMIABLE AID recruits Online volunteers who search for opportunities that match their profiles and interests, select the volunteers it would like to involve and assign them in identifying the intellectually challenged beneficiaries and their needs at their location, collaborate with the selected volunteers over the Internet and use them in our activities, humbly remunerate them and issue a certificate of appreciation upon completion of an assignment.

Online volunteers can support AMIABLE AID in numerous ways. They engage in…

Project development and management
Volunteers write project proposals, share expertise, draft grant applications, Identify associate NGOs in their locality, guide local markets, advise about prevailing rules and regulation in the avenue for AMIGO market place in the volunteer’s country, develop fundraising strategies, etc.

AMIABLE AID sets its foot-hold in various geographical locations worldwide. To reach its messages to local community there, AMIABLE AID invites Volunteers from that particular local community with the robust knowledge & skill in their language and culture to design logos, create the layout of publications, develop a corporate identity, illustrate training material, etc. This helps AMIABLE AID to promote its pro-bono support to local non-profit organizations, rule of law and human rights initiatives, and legal capacity building projects around the globe.

Coordination and facilitation
Volunteers manage teams of other online volunteers, coordinate campaigns, moderate online discussions, act as board members, etc. This practice will motivate the volunteers in fostering a community feeling in a virtual environment, thus improving the volunteers’ commitment to their task.

IT development
Volunteers develop and maintain websites, design databases, set up blogs, do Search Engine Optimization (SEO), write Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), create flash animations, etc.

Volunteers research information on development topics, funding sources, potential partners, best practices, etc.

Writing, editing and translating
Volunteers draft newsletters and articles, translate presentations, summarize survey results, proofread reports, develop website content, etc. By editing and translating texts, exercises, films, and interviews documenting best practices, the online volunteers contribute to making the material available to a global audience.

Training and coaching
Volunteers develop training material, teach online courses, provide guidance to organizations and/or their beneficiaries, etc.

Volunteers assess projects, provide advice on communication strategies and legal issues, evaluate software solutions, etc. AMIABLE AID’s contributions

IT tools at it’s disposal
AMIABLE AID reviews applications, respond to candidates and communicate regularly with online volunteers, have equipped with adequate Internet access, software tools and dedicated work force for this purpose.

Set enough time aside
AMIABLE AID responds to candidates, provide orientation at the beginning of an assignment and guidance throughout, as well as feedback upon completion.

AMIABLE AID’s collaboration with volunteers take place on-line, and the final product must be submitted over the Internet. Volunteers will not be asked to be physically present at any specific location. Volunteers will never be requested to make donations in-kind or financial contributions, or to solicit donations from third parties.

Volunteers Support utilization
amiableAID FOUNDATION has been registered under Indian Trust Act and the entire organizational machinery is made up of voluntary workers who are devoted self-less service for no benefit of their own with a small but a competent complement of staff employed.

Online volunteering opportunities have been posted only on behalf of AMIABLE AID. AmiableAID FOUNDATION desires to maintain the highest level of integrity in all its efforts. amiableAID FOUNDATION counts on volunteers to abide by the policies and regulations in place and look forward to working with them and welcome any questions they may have regarding anything and everything including fund raising.

Selection of volunteers will only be based on their skills, knowledge and experience not based on gender, age, nationality, location, etc.

Selecting volunteers
A thorough screening of applications will be made to select the most qualified volunteers and thus ensure satisfactory results.

Confirm receipt of applications
Once our volunteering opportunity is published, it will be listed on the online volunteering page of www.Amiableaid.org. Applications are received at our email Id volunteers@amiableaid.org. On receiving the application, candidates receive an acknowledgment message.

Review applications
Candidates’ applications contain a description of their motivation, experience, skills and availability. To further assess the candidates’ profiles, AMIABLE AID may wish to ask them additional questions and test their skills before deciding whether or not to involve them in any project.

Enter into dialogue
AMIABLE AID will discuss with potential online volunteers about the expectations of the assignment. There is room for negotiation between both parties before any final commitment to the online collaboration is made. AMIABLE AID encourages the candidates to ask any questions they may have and, where necessary, provide them with further information on the assignment, our organization, time lines and the kind of support AMIABLE AID will provide.

AMIABLE AID’s ways of recognizing online volunteers' contributions
Showing appreciation for our online volunteers’ contributions and dedication is an important source of motivation.

Issue a certificate of appreciation
Through the Online Volunteering service website, AMIABLE AID issues their volunteers a certificate of appreciation. The certificate features the title of the opportunity, the volunteer’s name and AMIABLE AID’s name and logo.

Feature contributions
We publish our online volunteers’ stories on our website and we mention the contributions they have made to the project in our organization’s newsletters or reports.

Informing volunteers about the difference they made
AMIABLE AID will tell its volunteers how their contribution was used or how we plan to utilize it in the future.

On line volunteer who were successful in two or three assignments and wish to be part/ full time online employees of Amiable Aid with competitive remuneration, based on their skills and exposure, their application for employment with our organization will be considered.