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Clarion Call

Clarion Call

amiableAID FOUNDATION has identified the poor status of the persons with physical and intellectual challenge. The interests of those neglected souls call for immediate attention which encompassed large section of the marginalized. amiableAID FOUNDATION does take up their cause and plead for them.

amiableAID FOUNDATION made a successful attempt to reach the needy and the neglected and realize that it has to travel much more.

In order to continue the untiring march amiableAID FOUNDATION needs your support.

amiableAID FOUNDATION inviting our supporters to choose an affordable wish list which could be utilized to improve the capabilities of the organization in line with amiableAID FOUNDATION’s mission. In nature, change never happens as a result of top-down, pre-conceived strategic plans, or from the mandate of any single individual. Change begins as local actions spring up simultaneously in many different areas. If these changes remain disconnected, nothing happens beyond each locale. However, when they become connected, local actions can emerge as a powerful system with influence at a more global or comprehensive level. So,

Support our synchronous services and Offer your ‘amiableAID’ to the disabled community

  • Join the gather-for-good drive and be a receiver and giver of mutual aid.
  • Accept our clarion call of becoming feed-a-need volunteer.
  • Use and making it used by others of our health care, herbal and other products to enhance health, to improve cosmetically and aware yourself cosmically. All proceed of this products sales goes to charitable utility alone.
  • Venture into amiable philanthropy cap

If you have any questions about any of the items on this list, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are considering suggestions and donations of any other thing or kind that you feel may be useful for our work, please send us an email.

NETIZENS are not only preferring fun from their old and new acquaintances attained through internet, but also involving in humanitarian cause.

Pledge your support to children with mental retardation with your comment. The more pledge we collect the powerful our voice for the people with intellectual challenge. Share the link www.amiableAID.org with everyone you know, share it on your facebook wall, tell people about amiableAID FOUNDATION on your blog, tweet about it, Put the link in your email signature, and Help us reach as many people as you can, including non-user of Internet.

APPEAL TO INDIANS ABROAD: The number of successful Indians abroad who are in the field of science, technology and management have now reached a critical mass whereby their reputation, credentials and collective influence are well established.

These high-profile and influential groups have helped change the public perception of India and Indians in the West.

Going beyond the individual success and collective confidence the question is whether they feel proud to have greater engagement with India in its development objectives. If the answer is positive, there is much gain that a focused and imaginative engagement can impact on India’s development.

The Intellectual Challenge among the children is identified as an area of priority research in consonance with developmental priorities.

The alumni of our institutes, equipped with advanced technical and scientific expertise, armed with discipline developed during intense years of study and guided by the entrepreneurial skills honed through the years – have developed a particular duty to live up to the hopes and the dreams of the nation.

It is to envisage that with all the talent, imagination and ‘can do’ spirit available, and capital too, the application of ‘mind to matter’ for our problems in India may yield good results.

One can see that the engagement of the global Indian with his home is impacting on some areas: IT and communication, media and entertainment, even civil aviation. How far the difficult area such as mental health been engaged by?

It is hereby fervently appealed to establish mechanisms to concretize and harness the goodwill and good intentions manifest in the global Indian friends to effect larger changes in India in the field of child mental health.

Nowadays as more and more stringent cuts affect more and more people, there is growing disillusion about the idea of relying on volunteers. The fact that at a time of increasing unemployment there will be a limit to the number of who are willing or able to carry on doing for nothing the things that they are no longer paid to do, in addition to doing the voluntary things that they are already doing.

The financial difficulties facing many countries are serious and painful measures will be necessary to deal with them. People are usually ready to accept painful measures if they are convinced that “we are all in this together”.

amiableAID FOUNDATION appeals to everyone to be part of this noble social cause.

Let us take initiatives in this direction at both ends for the betterment of the nation in general and welfare of the Children with Intellectual Challenge in particular. Thank you.