Azure Resorts - Natural Regenerative Habitat For Humans

A mind healing shrine. It is tremendously exciting to be part of a planet so full of wonders. There would be nothing left to dream about, and dreaming is often the best part of travelling.

Azure Resorts


Azure is a natural resort located on the hilly peak of Aghamalai.

Azure Resorts is sponsored by the Economic wing of the Amiable Aid Foundation. The revenue generated by Azure Resorts is ploughed through the social mission of the Amiable Aid Foundation.

Azure Resort is located in the middle of the wooded hills with many unspoiled places of tranquilly, where everything you experience will be your personal time out.


Then you must travel to Azure Resorts – the healing sanctuary on Aghamalai Hills, – in the middle of a protected Shola forest area with beautiful flora and fauna, surrounded by waterfalls, caves and the Berija watercourse in the rural tribal village. Your decision to travel here is not freak, as it is about healing in a sacred process, a communion with yourself and nature. Well, now you have prepared for the journey to the healing sanctuary.


The road there is winding, hilly, and full of plants, shrubs, and shola grass fields that can bring about miraculous healings. With growing hopes and expectations, you have arrived at the gates of Azure Resort. Upon arrival, you must begin the process of purification and fasting, a symbolic shedding of toxic attitudes and unhealthy physical conditioning due to unfavourable habits as a result of city life.


From this point on, you will become part of a dynamic and diverse healing environment. Walking through the Azure Healing Shrine, you can enjoy the beautiful gardens, graceful and tranquil statues, and magnificent sculptures. A soak in the moisturising herbal oil tub with restorative massage therapies and a natural soak in the spring or river would rejuvenate your body.

Wandering minstrels would uplift your spirit and you would attend lively spiritual talks that would solve your intellectual crisis and inspire you to find a new perspective on your current life situation. Devotional bhajans and songs would broaden your view of life and the chanting of sacred mantras would remind you of your inner centering.

Day by day, freed from the stresses of everyday life at home, you would experience a gradual return of energy and vitality as we attended to and focused on your diet, massage, relaxation, self-examination, regeneration and inner grounding. Eventually, the day would come when you would feel restored and filled with a sense of wholeness, balance and harmony; ready for your return.


By engaging in activities for the body, mind and spirit, you would have learned about yourself and developed new attitudes and behaviours that are healthy and life-enhancing. All this would give you a strong sense of purpose in your life.

Allright. Resist the temptation to count the days of your stay in Azure – whether 10, 20 or 30 – to your heart’s content!


“Adhithi Devo Bhava”
AZURE prides itself on offering the very highest standards to its guests through the Tamil Siddhar way of life with a combination of modern facilities and traditional family-oriented values – an ethos that carries over into the lifestyle of its residents.

We have a special department, namely Aghamalai Pizhisal, for herbal massages, where all our residents are attended to by highly qualified staff.

Our guests can view the hills and dense forests in our pristine natural landscape. They can enjoy the cultural events that are regularly organised for the benefit of our inmates.

The Cosmos Planetarium on the premises not only shows the beauty of the surrounding valleys and dense forests, but also provides a glimpse of the distant planets.

Guests enjoy their stay at AZURE so much that they want to return or stay permanently once the initial visit period is over.


AZURE RESORTS is located in Aghamalai
Azure Resorts is located on the western ghats characterised by slopes and breathtaking landscapes. It is 17 KM from the mainland of Theni, 25 km from Dindigul and 90 km from Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. Theni is well connected by all three modes of transport with major cities of Tamil Nadu like Madurai, Thiruchirapalli, Coimbatore, Chennai and Pondichery. The nearest airport is Madurai Airport, 77 kilometres away. Madurai airport is connected to many cities in India and offers regular flights to all major metropolises. Visitors can easily reach Theni from Madurai airport by cab or public transport. The roads leading to Theni are in excellent condition. National Highways 45, 47 and 183 all lead to Theni. Theni is well connected by rail to cities such as Madurai, Chennai and Coimbatore. Other cities such as Bengaluru and Puducherry are well connected by rail to Madurai, from where Theni is easily accessible.

AZURE RESORTS is located amidst dense vegetation
Latitude 13.0938995 and longitude 80.292356 are the geo-coordinates of the hill, whose mean sea level is 888 metres above sea level.

A large part of this hilly area is protected by deciduous forests – on the slopes by dry deciduous forests and on the higher slopes and in the river valleys by moist and wet deciduous forests.

Once our Cosmos Planetarium is set up, planets above and, of course, below ground, in the valleys, species and habitats of the local ecosystem can be viewed through our high quality telescopes.

Rich wildlife, including slender loris, gaur, sambar deer, sloth, Asian civet cat, Indian hare, jungle cat and Indian pangolin can be observed in the wild.

Birds such as Indian peacock, Asian koel, Indian grey hornbill and endemic blue-winged parakeet can be found in these forests.

Reptiles such as the Python molurus, the famous Indian tortoise, and venomous snakes such as the Indian cobra, Russell’s viper, the herbaceous viper, and the endemic bamboo pit viper, as well as the little-noticed striped coral snake Calliophis nigrescens are native to the area.

Lizards such as the Bengal umbrella, Indian chameleon, flying lizard or Draco dussumieri, Calotes calotes, Ophisops minor and Cnemaspis geckos can be seen here.


Amiable Aid Foundation coordinates with tribal communities living in the mountains, Botanical & Zoological experts in the region, and the State Forest Department, for the preservation of Ecosystem – in order to protect the natural habitat of native species in the region.

During the development of the resort, the utmost care was taken to ensure that the environment and the ecological system for the local flora and fauna would not compromised in any way.

Construction materials are sourced indegeniously from the region, and construction will take place around existing land structures and trees so that species migration, navigation, and life cycles are preserved and enhanced.

For these reasons, we will be limited to restricting internet access, blocking transportation and passage during hours when wildlife is active in the area.