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It is all about a group of passionate and innovative young people on the strength of new capabilities experiment an effective plan in emerging social sectors to make a difference in the world. The team has already proved that small things do matter and can socially significant and successful. They are committed to sustain a culture of operational excellence, responsible resource utilization and creating a platform for sustainable growth to benefit all stakeholders. Both locally and globally, they have identified a stable but inherently unjust equilibrium that causes the exclusion, marginalization or suffering of a segment of humanity that lacks the financial means or political clout to achieve any transformative benefits on their own. After exhaustive study they have developed a system that not only can change the world but also can improve existing condition.

Here the neglected ‘segment of humanity’ denotes persons with mental retardation. The ultimate goal of this system is dedicated to making medical technology and health care facilities accessible, affordable and financially sustaining for the persons, especially, the children with intellectual challenge. At the implementation stage, the supplement goals are Equity trading, food security and agricultural sector development.

The AMIABLE AID FOUNDATION has been implementing various welfare activities for the people with Intellectual Challenge. AMIABLE AID’s development wing, AMIGO'S becomes a social enterprise to continue and sustain the charity works without leaning on donations, grants and loans.

AMIGO'S Social Enterprises continues to grab attention as one of the best new social enterprise. This effort is fantastic news for all of the beneficiaries they support, their staff who work so hard across enterprises and, of course, their customers.

This business model and branding will impress the stakeholders and this sends a strong message that business can be combined with care, to create something special. The AMIGO'S brand is launched by AMIABLE AID and it is a delight to watch a space for further growth of this model.

The drive, commitment and innovation in the AMIGO'S staff team combined with the professionalism and values of AMIABLE AID and the high quality good value herbal products they promote will be the recipe to overall success. The ideally generated profits are reinvested in the enterprise to fund expansion to grow the social venture reach more people in need.

This model is innovative in the sense it marks emergence of commercial venture with a social mission by channelizing market earned returns, co-managing the niche fund by taking creative financial engineering, specialized skills with greater transparency, knowledge sharing about layer-cake approaches, mobilizing Equity capital at start-up level, arranging transitional funding while navigating that treacherous period between start up and scale, together with networking of institutions and right people locally, nationally and globally as a required societal force.

The whole process of starting AMIABLE AID at the initial stage have been natural and evolutionary and the result of sudden or abrupt changes in many lives that have set times for crossing each stage. While in progress, AMIABLE AID realizes a degree of financial security is necessary to fly into higher realms. To ensure welfare measure to reach out 25 % of world intellectually challenged populace by the year 2025 is the target. For achieving these new social facilities, fundraise is enormously time consuming and ruins risk of cannibalizing other resources. So AMIGO'S has been established to continue and sustain the social programmes.

Our human body doesn’t have the power to destroy itself! It’s self healing power gets enhanced when we include herbs, vegetables, and fruits in our daily food. Tapping this ancient wisdom, AMIGO'S offers regular food items which are organically cultivated and added with rare herbs to boost the vitality and physiological balance of our body.

AMIGO'S stands for holistic health. It’s healthy food products are prepared using nature endorsed fruits & vegetables in AMIGO'S rural factories, adhering to strict quality standards. Many rare herbs are being collected from various locations including Himalayan valley area for utility. Pickles, honey, jam, Appalam, Vaththal blending with the herbs like Modakkathan (Cardiospermum helicacabrim), Vallarai (Centella asiatica), thooduvalai (solanum trilobatum), Pirandai (cissus quadrangularis), vegetables and amla are some of the flagship products. Herbal oils for external application to cure Psoriasis, Arthritis, Dandruff, Hair loss, Head massage &, Body massage usage, remedy for pre-mature ejaculation are some of AMIGO'S unique products which is giving exemplary results. Candies using almond, cashew, ground nuts are healthy and delicious and liked by all. Cosmetic product such as herbal face mask and soaps are useful for people beyond all boundaries.

AMIGO'S food products confines to and fulfills all quality control benchmark, prescribed by the calibrating institutions all over the world.

AMIGO'S products are packed in sterilized containers. This practice helps these products not being contaminated during shipment and storage. The labels bear all important information related to the product, its ingredients and other useful data. Before taking up orders AMIGO'S ensures fulfilling customer-specific requirements such as language on labels, culture oriented design pattern, optional logistics and payment mode, etc., -keeping the quality standard unaltered. This endeavor facilitates AMIGO'S to retain existing customers and attracts new ones.

AMIGO'S creates community investment Fund in each and every cycle of operation and being reinvested directly back into site-specific development that enhance and nurture vibrant, healthy communities and the ecosystems from which those traded materials derived. Decision regarding community investment has been developed in cooperation with each members of the community. These re-investment efforts along with the improved trading processes thereby go beyond fair trade and contribute further to the overall strengthening of the farmers’ ability to remain viable and financially sustainable while also improving the health and well being of the community and related eco-system.

AMIGO'S marketplace is established by AMIABLE AID Foundation to perform as a platform for exchange and collaboration between youth employment practitioners and entrepreneurs. The goal of AMIGO'S marketplace is to globally reduce unemployment and under employment among youth. AMIABLE AID aims to do this by supporting the organizations and institutions that work in the field of youth employment. Although AMIABLE AID also have some services that directly target young entrepreneurs, the priority is to strengthen the capacity of youth serving organization and improve the level of coordination and collaboration between them.